Ed Oliver Scouting Report

NAME: Ed Oliver

SCHOOL: Houston


POSITION: Interior Defensive Lineman

CLASS: Junior


HT: 6’1

WT: 275 lbs

Ball Get Off/First Step: Burst is elite. Explodes off the ball on every rep. Is very much a penetrator who can shoot through gaps before offensive linemen have a chance to get hands on him.

Hand Usage: Possesses a lightning quick punch, consistently getting his hands inside of his opponents. Also does a great job of utilizing hand swipes and clubs to keep his chest clean when losing the initial hand battle. Always strives to shed blockers but his plan in doing so can be reckless at times.

Pad Level and Flexibility : Uses smaller frame and flexibility to get under opponents with optimal pad level. Holds blockers at the LOS and almost never gets blown off the ball. Has no issues with taking on double teams because of ridiculously strong anchor. Even though he has shown the ability to two gap in college. His shorter arms don’t allow him to create much upper body separation. So, he will be better off in a penetrating role at the next level.

Motor: Gives maximum effort on almost every play. Seems to always fire off the ball and attempt to penetrate. Chases ball carriers down the field if the play passes him by as well. Will occasionally forfeit pass rush reps against double/triple teams.

Pass Rush Ability: Explosive first step, violent hands, and lower body flexibility make an ideal combination of pass rushing traits. Is most dominant when attacking a gap or the sides of his opponents but is effective as a bull rusher as well. Would like him to see be more methodical with his plan of attack. Often wins with pure athleticism. Needs to expand his pass rush arsenal and develop some counter moves.

Awareness: A relatively good mental processor who understands how to attack a variety of blocking schemes. However, there are times where he will go for the flashy play and not stay true to his gap. Will have to be more disciplined at the pro level.

Best Trait: Pass Rush Ability

Worst Trait: Size

Best Film: Rice (2018)

Worst Film: Oklahoma (2016)

Ed Oliver’s rare physical skill set projects him to thrive as a 3 technique in an even front. Where he will be most effective attacking gaps and making plays in the back field. If he adds to his pass rush arsenal and learns to play with more discipline. He can reach his pro bowl potential.

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