Christian Wilkins Scouting Report

NAME:  Christian Wilkins

SCHOOL: Clemson


POSITION: Defensive Tackle

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’4

WT: 300 lbs

Ball Get Off: Jump off the ball is quick but not elite. Still has enough burst to penetrate gaps. Shown the ability to time up the snap count as well. However, will be slow to get off the ball at times.

Hand Usage: Nimble punch that allows him to get his hands on his opponents’ chest. Run fits are text book and has shown the ability to two gap. However, arms seem to be on the shorter side, so he doesn’t create much leverage with his length. Optimal hand placement makes him an effective bull rusher as well. Hand swipes and clubs come in flashes but doesn’t use them enough. Will get too reliant on bull rushing at times. Also needs to do a better job of hitting his leverage landmarks when pass rushing. Hands will get stagnant, causing him to get glued to blocks occasionally. Must finish and shed his adversary’s more.

Pad Level and Flexibility: Displays optimal pad level and leverage on the majority of his reps. Also possesses a sturdy yet flexible lower body that he utilizes to anchor at the LOS. Can handle double teams but will get blown up every now and then. Flashes some impressive moments where he can bend a tight corner. Hips are loose and allow him to change direction with ease.

Motor: Effort is non stop. Wilkins is a true grinder.

Pass Rush Ability: Has a nice combination of burst, power, flexibility, and hand technique that make him a disruptive pass rusher. Need to see him diversify his plan of  attack more and learn how to set up his opponents with combinations.

Awareness: One of the most football savvy players in the class. Understands a variety of blocking schemes and how to attack them. Very much an assignment sound player.

Best Trait: Awareness

Worst Trait: Length

Best Film: Boston College (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2017)

Christian Wilkins’s is a plug and play starter that can be on the field on all three downs. He should be productive from the jump but could reach his full potential with a little more development and consistency. His skill set fits favorably in a penetrating role, most likely a 3 technique. Yet, could play base end an odd front if called upon.

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