Rashan Gary Scouting Report

NAME: Rashan Gary

SCHOOL: Michigan


POSITION: Edge Defender

CLASS: Junior


HT: 6’4

WT: 281 lbs

Ball Get Off: Explosive first step that allows him to penetrate gaps and turn speed to power. However, will be the last one to come off the ball at times. More of an effort/concentration issue in these instances.

Hand Usage: Understands leverage and how to obtain it with his length. Hand placement when stacking blockers is optimal but needs to do a better job at consistently shedding them. Rarely illustrated the ability to discard opponents once engagement occurs. In terms of pass rushing, possesses a nice long arm bull rush move. Also flashes some nice hand strikes when he wins early in the rep. Yet, doesn’t use his hands nearly enough. Often tries to beat opponents to their set points without defending his chest or using any pass rush moves. His athleticism seems to be his most effective tool. Which won’t bold well for him at the next level. He must expand his pass rush repertoire to become the game changing presence he is being billed as.

Pad Level and Flexibility: Pad level is spotty. Times where he is the low man and creates excellent leverage. However, there also many instances where he pops straight up out his stance. Needs to be more consistent with staying low. Even though he was primarily an Edge Defender in college, doesn’t  seem flexible enough to play on the edge in the pros. Often takes wide angles when trying to corner, giving the Quarterback a lot of space to step up. Hips look stiff when trying to turn tight corners as well. A move to the inside would be beneficial.

Motor: Motor runs hot and cold. Reps where he shows exceptional hustle chasing down ball carriers down from back side. But also has reps where he displays little to no effort. Must be more consistent at the pro level.

Pass Rush Ability: Twitchy first step, raw power, and optimal frame make a lethal combination of traits that are coveted in today’s pass rushers. But, doesn’t possess the optimal flexibility to consistently win on the edge. Needs to expand his pass rush arsnal.

Awareness: Doesn’t consistently identify blocking schemes and often gets fooled by misdirection. Very much “see ball get ball” at the moment.

Best Trait: Ball Get Off

Worst Trait: Flexibility

Best Film: Ohio State (2017)

Worst Film: Notre Dame (2018)

Rashan Gary is an explosive athlete with a tremendous frame. However, he lacks the polish to be dominant from the get go. Which is why teams have to realize that he is not a finished product if they decide to draft him. His ceiling is very high, but depends on whether or not he moves to the interior. He can play on the edge on early downs, but will be most effective as a pass rusher playing inside. A penetrating role as a 3 technique would be ideal.

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