Jerry Tillery Scouting Report

NAME: Jerry Tillery

SCHOOL: Notre Dame

CONFERENCE: Independent

POSITION: Interior Defensive Line

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6-5

WT: 306 lbs

Ball Get Off: Nimble first step that allows him to penetrate gaps in a hurry. Ball get off is undoubtedly explosive, just needs to be more consistent.

Hand Usage: Very versed with his hands as a pass rusher. Does good a job of consistently hitting his leverage points to discard his opponents. Also mindful of defending his chest from getting latched. Pass rush strikes are quick and methodical. Needs to do a better job of winning the initial leverage battle by improving his punch timing in run defense. Runs fits usually aren’t clean, creating minimal separation with his arms. His best plays against the run are made from penetration.

Pad Level and Flexibility: Illustrates little flexibility on tape, so the combine will be huge for his evaluation. Pad level tends to be on the higher side because of the lower body stiffness. Is very much a linear rusher. High pad level also causes him issues in the run game. Has a hard time leveraging himself at the LOS and is prone to getting moved off his spot. Tends to struggle with double teams as well. Will need to use his length more in order to create leverage because of his lack of flexibility.

Motor: Motor is usually always hot and rarely gives up on plays. Will display minimal effort every now and then.

Pass Rush Ability: Very nuanced with his pass rush plans. Possesses an array of swipes, swims, and clubs. Explosive first step also helps him beat his opponents to their spots. Has above average strength and power but because of his high pad level. He doesn’t offer much as a bull rusher.

Awareness: Understands basic blocking schemes but will get tripped up diagnosing more sophisticated play designs. Would like to see him be truer to his gap as well. Will penetrate up field and miss the play entirely on occasion. Needs to do a better job of identifying run and pass.

Best Trait: Hand Usage

Worst Trait: Pad Level

Best Film: Stanford (2018)

Worst Film: Northwestern (2018)

Jerry Tillery can contribute right away in a rotation, especially on obvious pass rushing downs. He has the frame and physical ability to become a full time starter but must show that he can improve in run defense. His skill set would be ideal for penetrating role or at base end in an odd front.

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