Josh Allen Scouting Report

NAME: Josh Allen

SCHOOL: Kentucky


POSITION: Edge Defender

CLASS: Senior

JERSEY: No. 41

HT: 6’4

WT: 258 lbs

Ball Get Off/Arc Speed: Possesses elite get off that allows him to explode off the ball. Often stood up in Kentucky’s defense but looked even more explosive out of a 3 point stance. Speed around the arc is potent and threatens slow footed tackles.

Run Defense: Would consider him a functional run defender but not a great one. Utilizes optimal hand placement when setting the edge. Also uses his length to create upper body separation with blockers. Can hold his own at the point of attack, but will get pushed off his spot of contain occasionally. Flashed the ability to discard blockers, yet must get stronger in order to get more consistent at this technique.

Motor: Looked undraftable in 2017. Regularly clueless in terms of his assignment, and honestly seemed soft. Reinvented himself in 2018 into one of the most dominant pass rushers in college football. Effort and competitive edge was night and day in comparison to last season. Was one of the biggest the energizers on Kentucky’s defense. The teamed thrived off his energy when he made a play. Motor was one of the biggest weakness, now one of his biggest strengths.

Bend: Illustrates exceptional hip flexion when turning tight corners. Understands how to soften angles and keep his chest clean while cornering. Also makes a concerted effort to flip his hips parallel to the Quarterback as early into the rep as possible. Sturdy base allows him to bend through contact as well. But will get pushed around the arc every now and then.

Pass Rush Ability:  Lighting burst, excellent bend, relatively polished hand technique, and relentless motor made him arguably the best edge rusher in college football (in 2018). Ability to corner is a true trump card, and deploying moves when doing so is lethal. Utilizes a lot of rips and chops. Those are his most effective tools to defend his chest. Doesn’t offer much as a power rusher, so long arm moves and bull rushing aren’t apart of arsenal. Would also like to see him do a better job of adjusting his plan based on his opponents sets.

Lateral Range/Change of Direction: Solid lateral range but not elite by any means. Natural athleticism allows him to be a fluid mover in space. Illustrates the ability to be very effective in coverage. Instances where he ran with receivers down the field.

Awareness: Has a good nose for the football when pass rushing. Regularly attempts to strip the ball when ever he is in the vicinity of the QB. Also, played all over Kentucky’s front, whether it was  on the edge, off the ball, or inside. Like mentioned before, very effective in coverage as well. Needs to get better at identifying blocking schemes and reading where the ball goes. Tends to get fooled by misdirection, the option, or players in motion (jet sweeps). Occasionally loses his spot of contain by trying to make splash plays behind the LOS.

Best Trait: Bend

Worst Trait: Awareness

Best Film: Penn State (2019)

Worst Film: Georgia (2017)

Josh Allen drastically improved his stock from a day three selection to a potential top 10 pick this season. He might not thrive as a run defender but he is a capable one. His versatility and ability to rush the passer is what makes him special. If he can continue to expand his pass rush arsenal, play more disciplined, and become better at defending the run, he can be a pro bowl caliber player. An Outside Linebacker role in a odd front would be ideal.

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