NFL Draft: Future Stars

***Note: This article will specify 3 players in the upcoming 2019 NFL draft, that I feel will be future stars based on potential, versatility, and I would definitely want playing for my team. ***

Player 1: Josh Allen

Position: Edge Rusher

School: Kentucky

Height: 6’5

Weight: 258

Age: 21

With a great combination of size, speed and immaculate technique, Allen is primed for a stellar rookie season. Allen is also gifted with the versatility that comes with being an outside linebacker in college, as he can play there OR at a 4-3 defensive end at the next level. I personally see Allen as a 4-3 versatile type of guy who can be used to drop into coverage at points. Kind of like how the Broncos used Von Miller before Vance Joseph. But he can be a star in a 3-4 defense, as he is above average in pass coverage as well. Josh Allen gave his team a chance to win every week this season, and even his worst performance were good outings. I believe this man should be picked top 5 and that he will have a long NFL career. As good as I belive Allen is, he has a couple weaknesses. Allen is able to rush the passer at an elite level already, but he can lack in the run game at points. If a offensive tackle is able to get ahold of Josh, a lot of times Josh is unable to shake free. I think this is more about discipline than anything else, but Allen needs to become better at getting off blocks. To me, this guy is a mixture of Von Miller and Chandler Jones. I know, high praise. But, I really think Allen can be THAT good. Josh Allen will make for a franchise edge rusher for someone, and will be an immense problem for NFL offensive coordinators. You should be extremely excited if your team picks him this year.

Pro Comparisons:

  • Von Miller
  • Chandler Jones

Team Fits:

  • New York Jets
  • San Francisco 49ers

Player 2: Byron Murphy

Position: Cornerback

School: Washington

Height: 5’11

Weight: 180

Age: 21

Lockdown. That’s the easiest way to describe Byron’s game. Byron Murphy is a true lockdown corner that will excel in a primarily zone defensive scheme. I watched four games of Murphy while scouting him and one of many things that stood out out me was his tackling. I love a DB that will come up and lay the wood, and that’s what Byron loves to do. Other than being a big help in the run game, Murphy had 4 interceptions and 13 passes deflected in 2018. Those aren’t shocking stats, but when you take into account that for most of the time, quarterbacks COMPLETELY avoided throwing his way, they are actually immaculate numbers. By barely being beaten by receivers, leaving a mark on everyone he hit, and showing a great passion for the game all season, I think Byron will have an immediate effect in the league, as well as a lasting impact on the NFL throughout his career.

Pro Comparisons:

  • Denzel Ward
  • Kyle Fuller

Team Fits:

  • LA Rams
  • Denver Broncos

Player 3: Nasir Adderley

Position: Free Safety

School: Delaware

Height: 6’0

Weight: 200

Age: 21

Many NFL teams have replicated Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” style of defense with a rangy, “Ball Hawk” free safety playing a center fielder on the defense (Earl Thomas). Nasir Adderley has many of the same traits as Earl Thomas, and will likely be drafted for the same role. I can see him going to the Seahawks if Thomas goes elsewhere, and he will fit perfect for them. Adderley has a unique combination of speed, intensity to go along with a true knack for finding the football. Nasir is an FCS guy that isn’t scared of anyone, this will help him earn a starting role week 1 of his rookie season. Watch some film on this guy if your team is in need of a free safety and you will for sure be on the same page with me shortly after. In the end, I think someone will take him in the final 10 picks of the first round and he will prove to be one of the better players from this class down the road.

Pro Comparisons:

  • Earl Thomas
  • Malik Hooker

Team Fits: Seattle

  • Dallas

Conclusion: In the end, I think that all of these guys are versatile enough to play for any team. I think they will have superior outings at the combine and thus increase their stock a lot by April. These three are being undervalued because of other players in this deep class, and your team could get a steal by taking one of them!