Amani Oruwariye Scouting Report

NAME: Amani Oruwariye

SCHOOL: Penn State


POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: RS Senior


HT: 6-1

WT: 204 lbs

Speed: Isn’t a blazer by any means but has enough to speed to run with most receivers. Would guess that he runs in the 4.5s at the combine. Shows some nice burst when closing on the ball linearly (usually in zone coverage when things are in front of him). However, doesn’t show that same jolt of speed when moving horizontally.

Chang of Direction: Displays some smooth change of direction skills. Hip/feet transitions are fluid when turning and running with receivers. With that being said, isn’t overly twitchy in his movements. Doesn’t explode out of his back peddle or when he flips his hips to start running. Recovery speed suffers because of this.

Ball Skills: Makes most of his plays on the ball in zone. Very good in contesting 50/50 balls. But isn’t as good at defending passes over his shoulder. Flashes the ability to turn his head and find the football in man. Yet, can be late in doing so. This problem really showed up at the Senior Bowl. Needs to do a better job of reading receivers to know when to turn his head. Breaks up/deflects more passes than intercepts them.

Press Technique: Possesses the required length and strength to be a good press corner. However is not comfortable with jamming his receiver off the line. Only uses his hands when gets beat by his receivers. Must get better at timing up his strikes within the 5 yard contact window. Doesn’t force the issue enough with his jam.

Run Support: Willing tackler in run support. Yet, gets blocked pretty easily. Also an ankle bitter when tackling. Would like to see him improve this part of game.

Route Recognition: Is very much a see ball get ball player at the moment. Does a great job of reading the Quarterbacks eyes and picking up receivers in his zone. Yet, doesn’t consistently see routes concepts before they develop.

Competitive Toughness: Wouldn’t say he is soft but doesn’t fit the description of an overly aggressive corner either. Lacks the willingness to be a physical in his press technique and as a tackler. Isn’t very feisty in terms of how he competes either. Would like see him wear his confidence on his sleeve more than he does. Doesn’t seem to have that junk yard dog mentality from how carries himself on tape.

Best Trait: Size/Change of Direction

Worst Trait: Press Technique

Best Film: Pitt (2018)

Worst Film: Michigan State (2017)

Pro Comparison: Akhello Witherspoon

Amani Oruwariye possesses the length, change of direction skills, and enough speed to be a solid press corner at the next level. He must work his press technique, and get better at finding the football (in man), especially with passes thrown over his shoulder. If he should improve upon these areas of his game, he projects favorably as a good number 2 corner in a cover 3 press system. With that being said, I don’t know if he is an elite enough athlete to be a true number 1 option.

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