Trayvon Mullen Scouting Report

NAME: Trayvon Mullen

SCHOOL: Clemson


POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: Junior


HT: 6’1

WT: 190 lbs

Speed: Foot speed is average to below average. Can run with most receiver if he gets a good jam or is in off coverage. Yet, tends to struggles matching their speed when he gives them a free release in man. Also, doesn’t have much juice in his back pedal, so he is usually urgent to turn and run with receivers in off coverage.

Hip Fluidity/Change of Direction: Hips seem to be on the stiffer side. His process of opening up and running can be out of control. Taking a lot of extra steps and giving up separation (especially against vertical routes). Hip transitions are not a consistently fluid motion. Recover ability suffers with this. Change of direction skills are better when he can mirror and match with receivers. Wouldn’t say he specializes at this technique but shown that he can be cable at it.

Ball Skills: Because of Clemson’s elite front and the pressure they were able to generate. Mullen wasn’t really thrown at (tested) a whole lot. When he was the results were mixed. Has no problems finding of the ball with passes thrown in front of him or while he has eyes on the QB. But struggles to turn his head and locate the football vertically. Tends to get panicky in these situations, which leads to grabbing or attempting to play his receiver instead of the ball.

Press Technique: Extremely physical with his jam. Utilizes his length and strength to neutralize receivers’ momentum off the LOS. Displayed the ability to reroute opponents in zone as well. Is best in man coverage when he is pressing. Would’ve liked to see him use this technique more. Got away from it in stretches of games. Also, needs to deploy his jams earlier into reps. Lets receivers come to him, making him miss his punch occasionally. Will get grabby in his press time at times.

Run Support: Willing tackler who contributes in run support. Shows flashes of quick diagnosis and pursuit to the football when defending outside runs. But looks to contain more. Not great at shedding blocks but displays effort when doing so. Likes to ankle bite when tackling as well.

Route Recognition: Understands how to read his receivers’ steps at LOS. This technique allows him to compensate for his average foot speed in mirror and match. But intricate releases fool him a lot in man. Rarely any times where he anticipated route concepts in zone. Would like to see him get better at this part of his game.

Competitive Toughness: Feisty competitor who loves to let his opponents know when he makes a play. Takes pride in his physical style and plays with a lot of confidence.

Best Trait: Press Technique

Worst Trait Hip Fluidity

Best Film: Alabama (2019)

Worst Film: NC State (2017)

Pro Comparison: Jalen Mills

Trayvon Mullen fits the mold of a physical press corner at the next level. However, his stiff hips, average speed, and struggles with turning his head to find the ball concern me. He can work to improve his ball skills but his athletic testing will be the biggest determining factor for how he projects to the NFL. If he meets all of the athletic thresh holds, I can see him as a solid number 2 corner. But if his testing confirms what he displayed on tape, he will probably be viewed as low tier starter/capable back up. A cover 3 press system would be ideal for his skill set.

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