Q&A with Deebo Samuel

I had the pleasure of interviewing South Carolina WR Deebo Samuel recently. Deebo had a very good Senior Bowl game & is one of the best receivers in this class. Here’s my interview with him:

Q: What are your expectations for yourself this season?
A: My expectations is to be able to contribute to the team that chooses me in any shape of form no matter what position it is.

Q: Did you have a favorite player growing up?
A: Growing up, the person I idolized was Reggie Bush. I’m pretty sure he was everybody’s favorite back when he was in college because he was great with the ball.

Q: What do you think you will want to do after football?
A: After football I want to start my own clothing line. As you can tell I’m into clothes and shoes a lot.

Q: What’s one motto/quote that you live by?
A: I do not have a quote or motto I go by everyday, honestly.

Q: How important are coach/player relationships during the season/off-season?
A: Player and coach relationships are major during the season because they have to be able to trust you are going to get job done, and also trust that you are going to make the right decisions off the field as well.

Deebo totaled 2,076 yards and 16 TDs during his career with South Carolina. Last season, however, he totaled 882 yards along with 11 TDs.