Final Review of my Preseason NFC Playoff Predictions

Prior to the start of the NFL season, I made my NFC Playoff predictions; everything from seeding to filling out the bracket. Here are my predicted seedings:

1 Seed – Los Angeles Rams (13-3)

2 Seed – Minnesota Vikings (13-3)

3 Seed – Atlanta Falcons (12-4)

4 Seed – Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

5 Seed – New Orleans Saints (11-5)

6 Seed – Chicago Bears (11-5)

And here is how I predicted the bracket to shape out: (Bolded teams are winners)


(6) Chicago @ (3) Atlanta

(5) New Orleans @ (4) Philadelphia


(5) New Orleans @ (1) Los Angeles Rams

(3) Atlanta @ (2) Minnesota

NFC Championship

(5) New Orleans @ (2) Minnesota

My first-ever time doing something like this was pretty awful. I nearly hit on the Rams being the one seed, the Vikings didn’t even qualify for the tournament, nor did the Falcons, the Saints nabbed the one seed, the Bears cruised to the three seed and the Eagles barely snuck in after Nick Foles pulled off some late season magic when replacing the injured Carson Wentz.

And here is what actually happened:

1 Seed – New Orleans Saints (13-3)

2 Seed – Los Angeles Rams (13-3)

3 Seed – Chicago Bears (12-4)

4 Seed – Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

5 Seed – Seattle Seahawks (10-6)

6 Seed – Philadelphia Eagles


(5) Seattle @ (4) Dallas

(6) Philadelphia @ (3) Chicago


(4) Dallas @ (2) Los Angeles

(6) Philadelphia @ (1) New Orleans

NFC Championship

(2) Los Angeles @ (1) New Orleans

So, what are a few things I was right on…

  • Bears get in, but fail to win a game: A lot of people didn’t think much of the Bears coming into the season (I wasn’t one of those), but I figured they would follow closely to the Rams of 2017, and be a one-and-done. Turns out, I was right.
  • Rams dominate: Sure, they didn’t get the one seed like I thought, but they were still 13-3, and were possibly the best team in the league in all weeks except 14 and 15.

And here are a few areas I was wrong on…

  • Eagles win the NFC East: Even before Dallas made the Amari Cooper trade, it sure didn’t look like I would be right on this decision as the Washington Redskins looked like the team to beat in the East. The Eagles ended up slipping into the playoffs after they beat the Redskins in Week 17 and the Vikings also lost.
  • Vikings dominate: I guess you really can’t trust Kirk Cousins.
  • Falcons cruise through South: Who knows how good they would’ve been without all of those injuries.
  • Saints win the NFC: They were soooooo close to winning the championship game against the Rams (and they probably would have if the officials hadn’t blown it), but my prediction still stands as wrong.

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