Greedy Williams Scouting Report



POSITION: Cornerback

CLASS: RS Sophomore


HT: 6’1

WT: 182 lbs


Speed: Isn’t a blazer but has more than enough speed to run with most receivers. Faster when running vertically than horizontally.

Hip Fluidity/Change of Direction: Turn and run process is smooth for the most part. Hips are fluid but feet can be heavy. Which leads to some extra steps or stagnant feet at the LOS. Shows flashes of some solid mirror and match ability but should not heavily rely on this technique. Also, doesn’t possess much twitch when trying to redirect forward from a bail technique. Zone coverage skills suffer from this.

Ball Skills: Finds the ball with ease when defending underneath passes/passes thrown in front of him. Yet, results were mixed when turning his head to locate the football in man coverage. Times where he finds the ball in vertical situations. However, many instances where he is late to find the ball or doesn’t play the ball at all. This is definitely concerning considering he is best in press man coverage.

Press Technique: Utilizes his length and strength to effectively jam receivers. Knows how to cut off space and stay in the hip pocket of his opponents. Also, squeezes receivers to the slide line and is mindful of keeping his arm in front of his man to stay on top of vertical routes. Will get lazy with his technique at times by giving up free releases.

Run Support: Probably the most frustrating part of his game, Greedy displays a lot of “business decisions” in the run game. Meaning he will shy away from contact when defending the run. If the play is there to be made, he will make it. But he doesn’t usually go out of his way to stop the run. Also, dives for the ankles when tackling.

Route Recognition: Possesses a decent understanding of how to read receivers’ steps. Yet, occasionally guesses at the LOS and gets beat by releases. Not quick to identify route concepts in zone as well. Very much see ball and react at the moment.

Competitive Toughness: Definitely confident and competitive. Let’s his opponents know when he makes plays and what he thinks of their games. Just wish his effort was more consistent and he was more physical as a tackler.

Best Trait: Press Technique

Worst Trait: Run Support

Best Film: Miami (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2018)

Greedy Williams projects favorably as a good press man coverage corner. He is very effective with his jam, has fluid change of direction ability, and more than enough speed to run with pro receivers. With that being said, he currently doesn’t possess the route recognition skills to be overly effective in zone coverage. So he is some what of a scheme fit player at the moment. Also, his inconsistencies with finding the ball vertically, defending the run, and overall effort are concerning. He has pro bowl potential, but will not reach it if he doesn’t clean up these parts of his game.

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