Devin Bush Scouting Report

NAME: Devin Bush Jr.

SCHOOL: Michigan


POSITION: Linebacker

CLASS: Junior


HT: 5-11

WT: 222

Instincts/Processing: Identifies basic inside blocking schemes for the most part, but would like to see him speed up his process. Times where he stays stagnant at the second level because of hesitation, and gets caught out of position. Reads obvious keys like pulling lineman, or running backs slipping out for screens. Yet really struggles with misdirection plays. Often pursues the dummy ball carrier on option/reverse plays. Needs to be more patient in these instances to determine who has the ball.

Tackling: Form tackler who can lay the boom. Takes optimal angles in his pursuit of the ball carrier as well. Ability to square up his opponents in the open field is impressive. Only limitation he has in this area of his game is his size. Might have some trouble getting bigger ball carriers down.

Range: More than enough range to run slide line to slide. Covers ground in a hurry and can change directions with ease. Movement skills are sharp and fluid, making him perfect for today’s NFL.

Block Management: Is some what versed with his hands when taking on blocks, but doesn’t utilize a clean “stack and shed” process. Also, doesn’t possess the length to create optimal upper body separation with blockers. Tends to get engulfed by lineman when taking them head on. Small frame definitely hurts him in this area of his game. Will have to live in the backfield by shooting gaps at the pro level because his limited effectiveness around the box

Cover Skills: Movement skills translate very well in coverage. Carries with receivers across the intermediate parts of the field, while reading the reading Quarterbacks’ eyes in zone. Can do an adequate job of running with RBs in man, but not an elite part of his game. Should not be relied upon to cover Tight Ends either.

Blitzing Skills: Absolutely lethal as a blitzer. Can penetrate gaps in a hurry and blow up plays in the back field. Also understands how to turn speed to power when taking on pass blockers. Shows some impressive flashes of the ability to dip under his opponents and corner. Looks pretty flexible in his lower half. Will be one his best calling cards at the pro level.

Physicality/Competitive Toughness: Was the leader of a vaunted Michigan defense and enforced their physical presence. Looked and played like an alpha as well. Bush is a player who truly seems like he loves the game of football. He displays this through his non stop effort, enthusiasm when he or his teammates make a play, and enjoyment of hitting people. NFL teams should not question his toughness.

Best Trait: Range/Blitzing Skills

Worst Trait: Block Management

Best Film: Notre Dame (2018)

Worst Film: Ohio State (2017)

Devin Bush fits the mold of today’s NFL Linebacker because he can run side line to side line, blitz, and cover. His effectiveness around the box is is limited because of his size, issues with taking on blocks, and lack of instincts. But if he can get better at reading and trusting his keys. His play around the box could improve. Regardless, I think he can still be a solid starter who will make most of his impact on passing downs. A Will Linebacker role in a 4-3 defense would be ideal for his skill set. But if he is drafted to a team who runs a 3-4, having a stout front 3 to keep him clean is critical for his success.

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