Devin White Scouting Report

NAME: Devin White



POSITION: Linebacker

CLASS: Junior

JERSEY: No. 40


HT: 6’0

WT: 240 lbs

Instincts/Processing: Even though he doesn’t always read his keys correctly, he trusts them and goes. Meaning, he is quick to make decisions and rarely gets caught at the second level. Loves to play down hill and shoot gaps. If he spots an opening on a zone run, he will exploit it. Does a great job of reading pulling linemen to the ball carrier as well. Would like see him be more aware of climbing linemen. Sometimes will run into them and get blocked because he doesn’t feel them coming. Will get caught processing on some trick plays occasionally.

Tackling: Definitely the worst part of his game. Has a terrible habit of leaving his feet when attempting to tackle. Also loses his balance a lot. Hopefully it is not a coordination issue, and more of just playing too out of control. Must learn how to throttle down and square up his opponents before attempting to tackle. That said, takes some really good angles to the ball carrier for the most part. So he gets where he needs to go but tends to over pursue.

Range: Possesses true side line to side line range. Combination of explosive first step and exceptional speed allows him to cover ground in a hurry. Has some jaw dropping reps of him running across field and meeting ball carriers at the side line for minimal gains (2 point conversion play against Georgia). Change of direction skills are twitchy and smooth as well. But surprisingly struggles to mirror opponents’ movements in space.

Block Management: Knows how to use his hands and his length to create separation from blockers. Yet, doesn’t consistently shed them. Can also get overwhelmed by blocks at times. This mostly happens in the second level. Definitely more effective when kept clean and can roam freely.

Cover Skills: Movement skills and athleticism translate very well to the passing game. Wasn’t asked to do a whole lot when he did drop back in coverage. Yet was effective in robber and curl flat responsibilities. There wasn’t a ton of reps of him in man coverage, but has the skill set to be capable of covering running backs and tight ends.

Blitzing Skills: Violent blitzer who can explode through gaps. Uses his speed and power to fight through blocks when blitzing as well. Would like to see him a better job avoiding contact while shooting through gaps.

Physicality/Competitive Toughness: Extremely physical player, who led a vaunted LSU defense. Leadership intangibles seem to be off the charts. His teammates respond from his energy and the passionate attitude he brings to the game. NFL will love this about him.

Best Trait: Range/Physicality

Worst Trait: Tackling

Best Film: Auburn (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2018)

Devin White’s combination of exceptional athleticism, outstanding leadership qualities, functional processing skills, and relentless physicality make him a very enticing prospect. There is obviously a lot to like, but the fact that he hasn’t even reached his peak will excite teams even more. That said, White still has some ways to go with sharpening his instincts and block management, but his most detrimental flaw is how he tackles. White must learn how to break down and square up his opponents at the next level. If he continues to over pursue and dive at ball carriers, his ceiling could be servery limited. A “Mike” role in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense would be ideal for his skill set.

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