Why You Should Give The AAF a Chance

The AAF, or the Alliance of American Football, lets football players who aren’t quite good enough to play in the NFL show their talents against similar competition. At first, this league sounds like the XFL or the USFL which were both short lasting leagues that ultimately failed. But after doing some research on the AAF, and then actually watching some games, I think that everyone should give the AAF a shot and watch at least a game or two. Here are some reasons why I think the AAF will be extremely popular in the coming future:

  • Evenly Matched Games: I felt that the teams are so evenly matched right now that the coaching is really winning and losing games. This is something I can appreciate while watching the games and makes watching them even more fun.
  • League Officials: The league Co-Founded by Analyst and long time football executive Bill Polian, and is advised by former players like Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward. I think that former players advising the league adds a unique kind of player-perspective that other leagues lack.
  • Rule Differences (From the NFL): There are multiple rule differences, but none that are too much of a change from NFL rules. Some of the rules that change from NFL are, you have to go for a two-point conversion after every touchdown and there are no extra points.  Also, there are no kickoffs in the AAF. These are the main changes, but these changes add a unique difference to the NFL where it becomes exciting to watch a team go for a two-point conversion every time, while this is so rare when watching an NFL game.
  • Intensity: The players are working as hard as they can for a spot on an NFL roster. This means your not gonna see players that aren’t giving their all in an AAF game because every player is working/trying as hard as they can. This will lead to more exciting games. I’m sure you have all seen the video of San Diego Fleet QB Mike Bercovici being absolutely decked by a Commander’s linemen, and things like that are fun to watch.

Choosing a team to follow:

Right now, there are only 8 teams:

  • Orlando Apollos
  • Birmingham Iron
  • Salt Lake City Stallions
  • San Diego Fleet
  • San Antonio Commanders
  • Atlanta Legends
  • Memphis Express
  • Arizona Hotshots

If you are interested in following a team in the AAF, I recommend considering some things before you actually choose one. Here’s a list of some factors I would consider when choosing a team.

  • Coaching staff: Choose a team with a good coaching staff, because the better players in the AAF will eventually graduate to the NFL, so good organizations will be good for longer because of the coaching not only the roster. (Don’t just focus on the roster when choosing a team!)
  • Location: Try and find a team that makes sense to your location. Although all the teams are down south, try to choose a team that you MIGHT be able to see one of their games.

Ex: If you have family in Orlando, it makes sense to choose the Orlando Apollos.

  • NFL or College Teams: Choose a team that is near where your favorite NFL team is, or your favorite college team.

Ex: If your favorite college is Alabama, it’s a good idea to choose the Birmingham Iron because lots of players from Alabama will choose the Iron to play for if they can’t make the NFL. Also, if your a Cardinals fan, it would be wise to follow the Arizona Hotshots because players who can’t quite make the 53 man roster for the Cardinals may settle for spots on the Hotshots because they likely already live in Arizona.

If you haven’t given the AAF a try, I recommend that you do because in a couple years this league has a chance to be extremely popular!

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