Johnathan Abram Scouting Report

NAME: Johnathan Abram

SCHOOL: Mississippi State



CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’0″

WT: 210 lbs

Change of Direction/Hip Fluidity: Tightly wound at the hips. Struggles to flip his lower half 180 degrees when having to turn out of his back pedal. Is much better coming down hill (in a strait line). Also struggles to respond to sudden lateral movements when attempting to mirror his opponents. Coverage skills and tackle in space ability suffer because of this.

Tackling: Flashes the ability to straight up level people. Routinely comes with a full head of steam looking to take his opponents’ head off. That said, he misses a lot of tackles because of this. Tends to overshoot his landmarks because he is out of control in his pursuit. Needs improve on throttling down, squaring up, wrapping, and finishing. No consistency in the way that he tackles. Over-zealousness gets him into trouble.

Instincts: Instincts are all over the place. Is very “see ball get ball” at the moment. Doesn’t actually process what the offense is doing, just wants to go at the first thing he sees. Has a lot of mental lapses in coverage because this. For example, has a terrible habit of biting on play actions fakes, causing him to leave his responsibility in coverage. Also carries with a lot of underneath clear out routes. Ultimately letting other receivers get by him. Must get better at recognizing route patterns because he is currently a liability in deep coverage.

Range: Possesses more than enough foot speed to run sideline to sideline. Very fast and explosive when running in a straight line. However, lacks twitch when having to change directions in a split second. Range is most effectively against the run because of this. Doesn’t fair well in single high responsibilities, even though he has the optimal speed to play it.

Man Coverage: Has the speed to run with most slot receivers and tight ends, yet hip stiffness gives him issues when turning and running down the field. Often falls for nuanced releases and route stems as well. Doesn’t have a good understanding mirror and matching his opponents. Feet look heavy. Coverage technique still looks very unnatural.

Ball Skills: Unless he sees the ball being directly thrown at him, he rarely makes any plays on the ball. Gets very grabby when he has to turn his head and locate the football in man coverage as well. Limited route recognition skills also hurt him in this area.

Competitive Toughness: Is one of the most competitive and physical players I have ever seen. I watched two plays into his tape, and already knew that he loved the game of football because of the way he played with his hair on fire. He might love to hit people more than football, because he seeks contact every single play. He also is a big talker. Routinely gets into his opponents’ faces and lets them know what he thinks of them. Competitive Toughness will be one of his biggest attractions as a prospect.

Best Trait: Competitive Toughness

Worst Trait: Instincts

Best Film: Ole Miss (2018)

Worst Film: Iowa (2019)

Jonathan Abram’s love for football, physicality, and speed will entice many NFL teams. However, he makes too many mistakes in coverage and as a tackler too be plugged into a starting line in up year 1. His best path to being a starter would being used on a situational basis, most likely as a sub Linebacker. In this role he wouldn’t be relied upon in deep coverage and could do most of his work near the LOS. With all of this being said, his lower half stiffness could be detrimental to his coverage ability. He will have to take leaps with his instincts and technique to over come this.

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