Should the Redskins Trade for Josh Rosen?

The Washington Redskins organization as a whole have taken in massive amounts of hate over the last year, therefore they desperately need to gain back the love of some fans and try and help them become a better landing spot for free agents. With the hiring of new head coach Kliff Kingsbury once said a ways back that if he had the first pick in the draft, he would take Kyler Murray, he now has that opportunity as the Arizona Cardinals hold the number one pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Rumors circulating during the combine indicate that there is a growing sense that Murray will in fact be the sure fire number one pick during the 2019 NFL Draft.

Now if the rumors are true and the Arizona Cardinals do pick Kyler Murray with the first pick, consequently that would leave Josh Rosen, who was picked 10th in the 2018 NFL Draft after the Cardinals traded up to get him, without a real role on the team. Rosen didn’t have a Baker Mayfield type of season last year as a rookie, but he also was working with an awful supporting cast around him. While he did not have the best season he definitely showed promise as a rookie and with a year of NFL experience under his belt, he could really make strides as a passer in this league. The asking price as of now would be at least a first round pick for Rosen, but that could be talked down when a player or more picks get added.

This move for Washington would be a dream come true, as Jay Gruden and the staff know this will most likely be their last chance to get it together and get into the post season for the first time since 2015. Rosen would be an upgrade over Colt McCoy, who most believe will be the starter in 2019 as Alex Smith nurses a leg injury that he may never come back from. The move to bring Josh Rosen to the Washington Redskins would give the Redskins a cheap young quarterback who already has been paid $10 million from his $17 million rookie deal which still has 3 years left plus a 5th year option.

The trade makes so much sense for Washington to make, as they would get the first or second best quarterback coming out if Rosen would’ve entered this current draft class and he will be cheaper than any quarterback that they can sign in the open market. If the Redskins want to make a splash to win fans back and look to try and win a bunch of football games in 2019 this is a move they will have to make. If the two sides are able to come to an agreement the two teams could be looking at some very successful season next year. With Kyler Murray in a spread Kliff Kingsbury offense and Josh Rosen with a top 10 offensive line when healthy, Derrius Guice, who should’ve been a first round pick in 2018, and west coast Jay Gruden offense, these two quarterbacks could be looking at some very successful seasons next year.