Bengals hire Lou Anarumo as DC

The Bengals finally find their defensive coordinator after a long and frustrating search. 

For the past few weeks, the Bengals have been getting a lot of attention from NFL fans, and it’s not exactly the good kind. The Bengals  interviewed/requested 6 different coaches for the defensive coordinator vacancy, and the 6 coaches either didn’t get offered the job, denied the job, or was blocked by the team they are currently coaching for. You know they say: 7th time is the charm. The Bengals finally found a Defensive Coordinator in Lou Anarumo. 

Zac Taylor has emphasized the importance of Communication and “being a teacher”. Lou Anarumo is a very well respected coach, who many consider to be a great teacher. Anarumo also has worked with Taylor when they were both in Miami, so the communication is likely there. 

In fact, Taylor values communication and chemistry so much, he sacrificed experience in the hunt. Jack Del Rio was very interested in the job. He likely would have been a great defensive coordinator. Taylor wasn’t sure about the chemistry, so he didn’t offer Del Rio the job. 

Despite being 52 years old and being a coach since 1989, Anarumo still doesn’t have the ideal experience the Bengals are looking for. He’s only been a defensive coordinator 2 times. Once from 1992-1994(Merchant Marine Academy), and 2015(INTERN DC for the Dolphins). He does have experience, and has been around the league quite a bit as a defensive backs coach. The question is- “can he successfully call plays?” If he can, then this should be a good hire by the Bengals.

Anarumo has already come out and said he plans to run a 4-3 Defense with the Bengals, and will run certain hybrids that fit the Bengals strengths.

How Anarumo will perform as defensive coordinator is unknown, but he can’t make the Bengals defense any worse than it is, as they were last’s years worst defense.

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