Dave Gettleman: “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.”


After months of rumors and speculation that the Giants and the Gettleman front office would trade star wideout Odell, it has finally happened. The Giants have traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for their first round pick (no. 17), their third round pick, and Jabrill Peppers.

On a day filled with Le’Veon Bell rumors and where he’ll land the Browns have made the biggest move of the offseason in snagging Beckham from the Giants. Baker Mayfield, who already threw for 27 TDs will now have Odell along with Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, David Njoku and a solid offensive line. The Browns have also added Sheldon Richardson, and are currently rumored to sign Earl Thomas to replace Peppers. In an offseason where the Ravens and Steelers have gotten worse, the Browns should run away with the AFC North. The 2019 Cleveland Browns will be a very different team and will be fun to watch with Baker leading the way.

As for the Giants, what were they thinking? This trade makes no sense for the Giants any way you look at it. The return they got for a top five receiver who is smack in the middle of his prime is far from enough. With the Giants most likely looking to add a rookie like Dwayne Haskins, it is crazy to trade away not only your best offensive weapon but a top five receiver.

With Odell in the middle of his prime, he would have been able to grow with the young quarterback as he is far from declining and is still making jaw dropping plays. The Giants had their young offensive core set with Odell, Saquon, Shepard, and Engram but will now need to look for a number one receiver.

Gettleman seemed set on trading him as the trade only serves as a financial burden for the Giants. Just seven months after signing him to an extension, the team is dealing him to Cleveland and in doing so will need to some of his ca hit. Over the next two years, the team will take in $21M in dead cap for Odell.

Their return is far from adequate for a star receiver and face of the franchise. Odell should have warranted at least two first-rounders, but instead, the Giants only come away with one first-rounder and one of the Browns two third rounders. Jabrill Peppers is a nice addition to a depleted defense but the compensation leaves much to be desired, to say the least. Gettleman and the Giants front office got robbed while Dorsey continues to give Baker weapons to work with.