Raiders make yet another trade, while Jets look to protect Darnold

New York Jets receive:

Kelechi Osemele and Raiders sixth round pick (Pick 196)

Oakland Raiders receive:

New York Jets fifth round pick (Pick 140)

Just a day after after making headlines through the acquisition of disgruntled, star wide receiver Antonio Brown, the Raiders made yet another trade. The Raiders dealt guard Kelechi Osemele and their sixth rounder, pick 196 in exchange for the Jets fifth round pick and moving up to pick 140.

For the Jets, this was a great move. This is an incredibly important offseason for the squad as they look to build around young quarterback Sam Darnold and surround him with talent just as the Bears, Rams and Eagles had done with Trubisky, Goff, and Wentz respectively. With a top three pick, over ninety million in cap space, and only a few free agents to resign they are in a prime spot to surround their young QB with talent.

Mike Maccagnan and the front office is office to a brilliant start in adding Osemele who had a down year in 2018 but was a top guard during both 2017 and 2016. Osemele should be a considerable upgrade to James Carpenter who has started at LG since signing in 2015. The Colts proved this past season just how important offensive line play can be as Luck excelled behind a top line. Improving the offensive line will be key this offseason as Darnold was constantly under duress and forced to move out of the pocket, as was on display against Houston with Watt and Clowney getting ton Darnold on a number of occasions forcing him to scramble much more than you would like a young to do so.

Osemele does not come at a cheap price tag, though. With two years left on his contract, Osemele will have a cap hit of $10.2 and $11.7 M, but if he doesn’t play well for whatever reason, they can cut him with no cap hit the following year. In a thin market at guard outside of Roger Safflod, this was a great start to keping Sam Darnold upright.

As for the Raiders, the deal for Brown could not have been done without a major raise for the receiver for the wideout. The trade comes along with a new rise for Brown, who will now get $30 million guaranteed and $50 million over the next three years. With the need to do so, the Raiders will save the team $10 M. Also, Osemele is coming off a season in which he struggled along with the entire offensive line en route to giving up 52 sacks. The guard had missed five games and had a down year but had been a pro bowler in both 2016 and 2017.