Terry Beckner Jr. Scouting Report

NAME: Terry Beckner Jr.

SCHOOL: Missouri


POSITION: Interior Defensive Lineman

CLASS: Senior


HT: 6’3

WT: 305 lbs

Ball Get Off: Has some explosive flashes but get off is usually underwhelming. Burst never seemed the same after two major ACL injuries.

Hand Usage: Illustrates moments of dominance with his hands. Has shown the ability to utilize power to pull and push blockers out of the way. Swim move is also effective. The peaks of his violent approach are enticing but not consistent. Doesn’t use his hands enough and often leaves his chest vulnerable. Is recklessly spontaneous with his plan and needs to be more methodical. His run fits are sub par as well. No routine with his stack and shed technique.

Pad Level and Flexibility: Must lower his pad level. Tends get vertical out of stance; making it easier for blockers to get under his pads. Possesses the length to create adequate separation to two gap. However, doesn’t use at all. Hips looks stiff on tape as well. Getting low to hold the LOS does look natural to him. Would rather make his plays by penetrating.

Motor: Effort is all over the place. Has moments where he puts it all together and his motor is red hot. However, tends to have stretches where he disappears. Forfeits too many reps to be a 3 down player at the next level (as of now).

Pass Rush Ability: Demonstrates impressive pass rushing reps, where he utilizes power and quickness. But again, not consistent enough. Must have plan of attack on a snap to snap basis and expand his pass rush arsenal to take his game to the next level.

Awareness: Understands basic offensive concepts and how to defend them but must stay truer to his gap. Has flashed the skills to penetrate but doesn’t find the ball enough in the back field.

Best Trait: Power/Strength

Worst Trait: Pad Level

Best Film: Wyoming (2018)

Worst Film: Kentucky (2018)

Terry Beckner seems to be best suited in a rotation or as a back up. In this type of role he could contribute in doses and not be relied upon to endure a majority of the snaps. With that being said it’s hard to imagine Beckner has that high of a ceiling due to his limited athletic ability and injury history. He must be more consistent with his effort and improve his technique in order to earn and keep a roster spot in the NFL.

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