Grading the Landon Collins Signing.

The Washington Redskins agree and former New York Giants Safety agree to terms with a six year 84 million dollar contract.

The pairing of Landon Collins and the Washington Redskins has been a long time coming. The two could not have come together at a better time; The New York Giant let him walk, and the Washington Redskins have a huge hole at safety. After cutting D.J. Swearinger before the season came to an end left a gaping hole in the back end of the Washington Redskins defense. The Washington Redskins Front Office; especially Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, have taken a lot of hate over the course of the past couple of seasons and needed a move to bring fans back to the stadium. Landon Collins was the player every fan wanted to bring in no matter what and the Washington Redskins accomplished that.

The terms of the deal itself at first glance is eye popping, but after really sifting through the details it is a good deal for both sides. The Washington Redskins gave themselves a opportunity to get out of Collins´ contract after three years, which if the chose to do would make the contract a three year $35 million dollar contract. The contract makes Landon Collins the second highest paid safety in the NFL, only second to Tyrann Matheiu and above Earl Thomas. When people see the initial numbers of the deal they will instantly say that the Washington Redskins overpaid, which is not true as Landon Collins is a top 10 safety in the NFL and deserves to get paid like one.

Having Landon Collins as a leader for the defense that replaces what D.J. Swearinger brought to the table, and improves what the Washington Redskins were rolling out on to the field with on Sundays. It also provides the Washington Redskins fan base with a player who can be what Sean Taylor was for them before he was taken away from the world way to quickly. A face for the franchise and a leader in the locker room is exactly what the Washington Redskins absolutely needed to acquire this off season and signing Landon Collins did exactly that. Landon Collins will fit in with the culture that the Washington Redskins want to do on defense which is playing hard hitting, bruising, and tough defense. The only real question left is if Landon Collins will be the player to wear the number 21, which has been unofficially retired ever since Sean Taylor´s passing.

Scheme Fit: A

Need: B+

Contract Value: B-

Culture Fit: A+

Overall Signing Grade: A-