What should the Redskins do with Josh Norman?

The Redskins in 2016 thought they hit the jackpot with the signing of Josh Norman after his amazing season with the Panthers. Josh has provided stability at the corner position after the departure of Deangelo Hall, while he hasn’t been the lockdown corner the Redskins paid for he still puts forth a solid effort every game which is important in a secondary that for the most of his contract has lacked true talent outside of himself. The big thing about Norman is he at times can be a distraction and his upcoming $14.5 million cap hit coming in 2019 the Redskins could be looking to move on.

Keep Him. This is a likely situation as Josh and the Redskins haven’t had many problems with each other for the most part Josh is a team player and is a well liked player with his teammates and within the organization. The Redskins front office has taken a PR hit over the last couple of months and keeping some stability on the could definitely show that they know that money isn’t every thing and that they need to actually keep good players on the roster unlike the trade that gave the Chiefs the young promising corner Kendall Fuller that was a fan favorite and a well liked player in the locker room.

Trade Him. This happening is more likely situation than anything else as they have proven that the front office likes to save as much money as possible. A trade happening could happen as Josh has publicly said that once he wins a super bowl he would retire. This statement could provoke a trade as it shows that he already is ready to leave football and venture to different things. I’m sure that the market for a staring corner who wants to win a super bowl would be good for contending teams and the Redskins would likely get a solid mid round pick for him. This could be a mutual breakup as the play from Norman has decreased from factors such as age and the Redskins likely aren’t contenders for a super bowl next year also the emergence of Quinton Dunbar could allow for a more seamless transition from the once All-Pro corner.

Cut Him. A post June 1st cut is a possibility but less likely as the Redskins would save around $11 million but it would incur around a $3 million dead cap penalty in 2020. This move would leave the Redskins with more cap space but one less starting caliber corner and nothing to gain in the future such as a draft pick. A cut would not be a very helpful to the team it would lessen the team chemistry that already is low and the backend of the secondary would be without another veteran after the release of the beloved Safety Dj Swearinger.

My take. The Redskins offseason moves have showed that they are looking to contend right now. Bringing in an Elite talent in Landon Collins and trading for Case Keenum are moves that would make the Washington Redskins look as if they want to compete next year. If that is the case, then I would keep Josh Norman for the 2020 season, and if the season is not going how you would have hoped then by the week 8 trade deadline that is when you would to ship him off. Keeping Josh Norman on the roster gives the defense a stable cornerback opposite of Quinton Dunbar; who when healthy looked as if he was the best defensive back on the roster. The Washington Redskins weer and have been one of, if not, the most injured teams over the course of the last couple of seasons, being near the top of the NFL in player on IR (Not a stat you want to be leading in). Having Josh Norman on roster offers insurance if injuries does in fact strike once again. Therefore keeping Josh Norman around may hurt the Washington Redskins, already minimal, cap space he offers some stability at the cornerback position and allows the Washington Redskins to roll out two staring caliber outside cornerback on Sundays next year.