Kavanaugh’s 2019 Quarterback Rankings

Well, here we are folks. 30 days away from the draft and I still have about 50-60 to prospects to watch. Not great. Fortunately, I have watched and graded all of the 2019 Quarterback prospects. Hope you enjoy my rankings!

kyler murray

1. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma: Kyler Murray is arguably the most polarizing player in this class. First the narrative was that he wasn’t committed to football because of baseball, than it was he is too small, but after he measured in at 5’10 (which would be the smallest QB in NFL) he is now the consensus number one overall pick.

Fortunately, I have never been one to buy into media narratives, so my stance on Murray has been pretty consistent. It did take me some time to warm up to him being QB1. But after re watching him and Dwayne Haskins multiple times, I couldn’t deny it anymore.

What put Murray above Haskins was his enticing ceiling that I didn’t see with Haskins. Obviously, Murray has the athletic advantage, but he can also make throws within the pocket that Haskins cannot. Heck, Murray can make throws that a lot of Quarterbacks can’t make. He isn’t without flaws though.

It’s no secret that Murray can thrive out of structure, but can he consistently have that same success within structure? Because that’s what ultimately wins in the NFL. I pose that question because I don’t know if he will be able to get away with all of things he does in college at the pro level. So he will have to adapt.

Grade: 2nd Round

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2019/01/22/kyler-murray-scouting-report/

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2. Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State: Dwayne Haskins is the most pro ready Quarterback in terms of processing the game. He can read defenses at high level, and make all of throws within the rhythm of the offense. So if the teams that believe that they ready to win now (Jags, Redskins, Broncos, etc.) wanted to take him over Kyler Murray. I wouldn’t have problem with their choice.

However, I do not see the same ceiling with Haskins (like I mentioned before). He is a guy who will need to rely on staying within his offensive of system because he doesn’t have the play-making ability to create on his own. In other words, Haskins is a distributor, not a creator.

That said, he must have quality pieces in place around him. Meaning proven play makers at receiver, a good run game, and a stout offensive line. Not having a quality supporting cast could be detrimental to his success. But as long as he is in the right situation, I believe he can be a solid starting Quarterback for years to come.

Grade: 3rd Round

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/21/dwayne-haskins-scouting-report/


3. Drew Lock, Missouri: With all of the buzz being about Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock has kind of been the forgotten man. Well I am still very much a fan. The franchise Quarterback ceiling is there for Lock but he isn’t there yet. As we all know, he has the dynamic arm talent to make all of throws.

However, he needs work on his accuracy, mechanics, and processing speed. He did show notable improvement in the second half of the 2018 season. I had extreme concerns about how he handled pressure, yet he eased some of them by making some clutch throws in the face of the pressure against Florida and Oklahoma State.

With all of this being said, I have no issue with a team taking Lock over Haskins, because I do believe that Lock has a higher ceiling. He might not be as good of a Quarterback right now, and his floor is definitely lower. Yet, both of those factors would not deter me from taking him over Haskins.

Grade: 3rd

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/07/drew-lock-scouting-report/


4. Brett Rypien, Boise State: So my top 4 Quarterbacks are Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jo…. Brett Rypien? Hold on to your seat folks because this is where things get weird.

I would imagine that many of you were expecting Daniel Jones, Will Grier, or Tyree Jackson to be the next name on my list. Nope, I am Rypien for life. Now Rypien is definitely doesn’t fit the mold of the ideal “franchise quarterback.” He is undersized, doesn’t have an elite arm, or isn’t a dynamic athlete

However, he is very accurate at all levels of the field and advanced in the mental side of the game. In his senior season, Rypien showed that he could consistently identify defenses, go through progressions, and make the right reads. His experience in a pro style offense is also encouraging. Illustrating that he can call out protections and audibles at the LOS.

So if you are looking for a Quarterback prospect that has the most upside, Rypien is not your guy. But if you are looking for someone who is more than capable of winning you games in the right situation, then sign Rypien up.

Grade: 3rd Round

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/10/brett-rypien-scouting-report/


5. Jordan Ta’amu, Ole Miss: This is definitely where the drop off occurs. Meaning the next couple of guys have traits to their game that are worth harvesting. But probably aren’t ready to play on day 1. Ole Miss’s Jordan Ta’amu is on the top of that list.

Ta’amu’s arm talent, athleticism, quick release, and touch are all things to get excited about. It’s reading defenses, decision making, and handling pressure where he needs work. That said, I think he has the traits to develop into at least a quality back up, and could potentially be even more.

Grade: 4th Round

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2019/01/09/jordan-taamu-scouting-report/


6. Daniel Jones, Duke: I mean this with no disrespect but I do not see the hype at all with Daniel Jones. Is he a bad prospect? No. Can he play at the pro level? Yes. But the 1st round talk is absolutely crazy to me.

First of all, Jones has about as little of upside as any of the Quarterbacks in the class. His arm is average at best but closer to limited. He just doesn’t get a lot of juice on the ball past 10 yards and his deep accuracy suffers because of this. Also, he is a good athlete but not this dynamic ball carrier that is going to be a lethal running threat at the next level.

Jones is fine operating the quick passing game. But the more he has to hold onto the ball and work through progressions, the uglier the results get. This is because the quick passing game doesn’t require him to fully process coverage. So when he has to make full field reads, he often looks confused and uncomfortable.

With all of this being said, where is the allure? Like I said, there isn’t a high ceiling and he makes mistakes. I think he can be a solid back up and win games in the right situation. That’s about it. I don’t see a franchise Quarterback.

Grade: 4th Round

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/03/daniel-jones-scouting-report/


7. Tyree Jackson, Buffalo: It’s safe to say that Tyree Jackson has the strongest arm in the class. He also showed that he is way better athlete than I thought at the combine. Unfortunately, everything else about his game is a roller coaster.

That includes decision making, accuracy, and processing. Not to mention that his mechanics need to be totally revamped. He has a bad habit of over striding and his release very elongated.

So yes, Jackson might have the highest upside out any of these Quarterbacks, but he needs a ton development to reach it. Which is why he is a true boom or bust prospect that I wouldn’t take before day 3.

Grade: 4th

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/17/tyree-jackson-scouting-report/


8. Will Grier, West Virgina: Will Grier is the most erratic passer in this class from a decision making and poise stand point. He is accurate, throws a pretty deep ball, and does offer some play making ability. Because of these qualities, I think he has enough to be a decent back up in this league but must clean up the reckless decision making. Or his career will be short lived.

Grade: 4th

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/11/23/will-grier-scouting-report/


9. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn: I was a Jarrett Stidham truther in the summer, but after a disappointing 2018 season, I had to cut ties.

When throwing on air, Stidham looks the part of a franchise Quarterback. He throws beautiful ball that zips off his hands. His mechanics are also text book and is accurate for the most part. But the moment you ask him to handle pressure or move off of his first progression, he looks totally flustered.

Everything must be perfect for him to succeed and that just isn’t sustainable. Which is why he should be drafted solely to be developed because he is extremely far from starting.

Grade: Late 4th

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/11/29/jarrett-stidham-scouting-report/



10. Ryan Finley, North Carolina State: Ryan Finley offers a lot of the same things as Daniel Jones. However, his arm isn’t as strong and he doesn’t have the athletic upside. I see him as a career back up who could win a couple of games “steering the ship.”

Grade: Early 5th

Scouting Report: https://thesportswave.net/2018/12/11/ryan-finley-scouting-report/