D.K. Metcalf Scouting Report

NAME: D.K. Metcalf

SCHOOL: Ole Miss



CLASS: RS Sophomore


HT: 6’3

WT: 228 lbs

Speed: Looks every bit as fast as the 4.33 he ran at the combine. Truly jaw dropping how quickly he can eat up cushion against off coverage. Speed will have to keep defenses honest with leaving a safety over the top of him.

Route Running: Ole Miss’s offense limited his route tree by basically only having him run 3 routes (9, comeback, and curl). Yet, footwork could definitely use some work, especially in his breaks. Tends to waste some steps at the top of his routes. Would like to see him sink his hips more as well. Has all of the traits to improve in this area.

Hands: Wouldn’t classify his hands as a weak part of his game but does have his fair share of drops. Needs to be more consistent with using proper hand positioning. Especially in contested catch situations. That said, also has some extraordinary highlight reel catches.

Releases: Has some of the best releases in the class. Good luck getting hands on him at the LOS because his lateral quickness is eye popping. Can combat jams with his hands or pure quickness. Also does great job of changing up is releases by mixing up his step frequency and cadence.

Body Control: Awesome at adjusting his body to the ball. Illustrates the ability to keep himself in bounds when catching passes towards the sideline. Pretty remarkable how graceful he is given his size.

Contested Catch: Has all of the traits to be lethal in this area. Shows flashes of what he could be but needs to be more consistent with securing the ball. Displays instances on tape where he will put himself in the perfect position to make a play on the ball but the defender jars it out of his hands. Would like to see him attack the ball with more initiative.

YAC Ability: If Metcalf gets a sliver of day light in the open field, he is gone. Can take slant routes and screen passes 60 yards to the house. Isn’t going to make a lot defenders miss but is a load to get down. Will run through tacklers and even displays a lethal stiff arm on occasion

Blocking: Good blocker for the most part. Can generate push by using his large stature and power but would like to see him be more nasty.

Best Trait: Releases/Athleticism

Worst Trait: Incomplete Route Tree

Best Film: Texas Tech (2018)

Worst Film: LSU (2018)

Pro Comparison: Josh Gordon

D.K. Metcalf possesses some of the rarest physical traits we have ever seen a prospect have. Yet, I wouldn’t be doing him any justice by solely labeling him as an athletic specimen. He displays some awesome things on tape as well. For example, he has some of the best releases and body control in the class. And good luck getting him down at full speed because he will run through you.

There are some parts of his game that he can improve. He needs to be more attentive to detail with his routes and hone in on using the correct hand alignment on a consistent basis.

That said, I am still very comfortable with taking Metcalf within the top 10 because he has all of traits to iron out these minor flaws, and already wins in a number of different ways. I believe that he will be an instant impact player, especially as a vertical threat. If he continues to improve and get even better than watch out, because he has the potential to be a top 5 receiver/all pro.