5 NFL Teams with Everything To Gain

Every year there is speculation on who will make the biggest strides, how free agency changes things, and who is destined for superbowl stardom. Unfortunately, for some the playoffs will go from reality to a distant, distant dream. Without further adieu, here are those 5 teams that are currently (pre-draft) the least poised for success in 2019.

Number 5: Washington Redskins

What can be said about a team with no bonafide starter at QB? A lot, as it turns out. Despite re-signing an aging Adrian Peterson, Washington still has a plate piled high with issues. A limited wide receiver core, ineffective safety group, and a flaccid edge rush mean that Washington might just tank from Week 1.

Number 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yikes. With the Bucs likely bringing back Jameis Winston, their list of needs for this season gets a minor cut. He’s a short term solution for a long term problem, however, and franchise QB’s don’t benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick in the regular season. Multiple times. With only one season left on his contact, Winston will make the QB position a need next year for the Buccaneers. Their roster took a sacking in free agency and they have a meager 6 draft picks to stock up on running backs, tackles, receivers, cornerbacks, linebackers and defensive ends. It may be time to go into rebuild mode.

Number 3: Arizona Cardinals

If we’d been told a few years ago that David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald would be in the position they are now, we might have laughed, but here it is. The Cardinals would hold a less favourable position on this list if they didn’t have the #1 overall pick in the draft this year, but it’s hard to see how any one player can fix this team. By the time they’re finally all patched up, Fitzgerald will be using a zimmer frame, giving them even more problems. Good luck, Cardinals fans.

Number 2: Miami Dolphins

I don’t think anyone is entirely sure what happened to the Dolphins, but the future seems bleak. Bridgewater spurned them to remain in New Orleans and now they’re stuck with a journeyman QB who, whilst admittedly showing flashes of goodness (not greatness) can’t seem to retain a starting job. Jarvis Landry’s absence was felt this season, adding to their list of needs (which is lengthy on both sides of the ball). Fitzmagic sits at both QB and CB, but both of those spots need more help than that, as well as their tragic D-line and Linebacker core. They don’t have enough draft picks to make all that happen this year.

Number 1: New York Giants

No surprises here. Letting Landon Collins walk probably felt like the beginning of the end of times for Giants fans. Trading Odell Beckham Jr. for what is essentially a couple of paper clips won’t be enough to hold this sinking ship together and Captain Eli has checked out of career mode whilst no replacement seems readily available. Golden Tate’s signing won’t fill their gaping holes on offense, and there seems to be no end in sight. Their needs are many and the franchise seems set to live in tank mode. But hey, at least Saquon Barkley can break records this season averaging 50 touches a game.