Marquise Brown Scouting Report

NAME: Marquise Brown

SCHOOL: Oklahoma



CLASS: Junior


HT: 5’9

WT: 166 lbs

Speed: Didn’t test at the combine because of a foot injury but speed is undeniable on tape. Arguably the fastest prospect in the class from what he shows on film. Speed is truly a trump card.

Route Running: Made major strides from being solely a gadget player/vertical threat a year ago, to running the full tree. Understands how to change up the pace of his routes and explode out of his stems. Vertical routes are his forte but isn’t solely a deep threat. Uses defenders’ fear of getting beat deep to create more separation underneath. Explosive feet allow him to make hard breaks that fool defensive backs as well. Double moves are potent.

Hands: Not the most natural catcher of the football. Has a bad habit of clapping his hands together and this problem rears it’s ugly head in contested catch situations. Needs to consistently use better alignment. Didn’t have too many concentration drops except for the Alabama game.

Release: I expected press coverage to give Brown trouble because of his smaller stature. However, corner backs hardly ever got hands him. Lightning quick at the line and does a good job of using his hands to combat jams. Very good at changing up his step frequency as well, uses his foot cadence to manipulate defenders where he wants them to go. Important to keep in mind that he was mainly facing big 12 corners, so could have so problems beating press coverage from better competition at the next level.

Body Control: Pretty good at controlling his body. Best part about this area of his game is his side line awareness. Results are mixed when he has to adjust back to the ball.

Contested Catch: Lack size and strength at the catch point definitely give him some trouble with contested catches. Defenders tend to jar the ball out when they get into his catch radius. Also, poor hand alignment gives him more problems. That said, it’s important to not that Brown will rarely be put into contested catch situations because he wins with so much separation.

YAC Ability: The most dynamic receiver after the catch in the this class. Deploys jukes and cuts in the open field that make defenders look silly. Obviously, has the speed to take slants and screens to the house as well. Contact balance is surprisingly good for his size but should not try to consistently run his over his opponents because it will not end well for him.

Blocking: Results as a blocker were much better than I expected. High effort is consistent and does good job of staying in the way of his opponents. However, isn’t going to generate much movement because of his lack of size and strength.

Best Trait: Speed/YAC Ability

Worst Trait: Size

Best Film: West Virginia (2018)

Worst Film: Alabama (2018)

Pro Comparison: Desean Jackson

Marquise Brown has been one of the best players in college football over the past two years and it’s easy to see why. His elite speed, polished running skills, and dynamic YAC ability made him virtually unstoppable. Fortunately for Brown, those traits also translate to the pro level. Which is why it’s easy to see him having monster production in the NFL.

However, is success is dependent on the scheme he lands in. In order to maximize his skill set, Brown must be in Coryell (vertical) offense that revolves around taking shots down the field. That doesn’t mean he is useless in a short and intermediate passing system, but that would be taking away what he does best, and that is getting behind defenses.