What Kavanaugh Would Do Mock Draft

I always thought that “what would you do mock drafts” always meant more for media scouts and draft analysts. I say this because these types of mocks actually require some scouting versus just predicting what is going to happen. So, with that in mind, I am putting my GM hat on and picking for all 28 teams that have a 1st round pick. Enjoy!

1 Arizona Cardinals: Quinnen Williams (IDL) Alabama- WHAT!? Kyler Murray isn’t going first overall?! What gives?! Sorry folks, I am a believer in Josh Rosen and I am willing to die on his hill. That said, I decided to do the unthinkable and take Quinnen Williams, the best player in this class. Bold right?

2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa (Edge) Ohio State- You know how there are those no brainer picks that you see in every mock draft? This is one of them. Nick Bosa is a top 3 player and best edge defender in the class. The 49ers need another edge defender. It’s not rocket science.


3. Cincinnati Bengals trade the 11th pick, the 42nd pick, and a 2020 second round pick with the New York Jets for the 3rd overall pick: Kyler Murray (QB) Oklahoma- I decided to make this trade because it’s win win for both teams, but I will just explain it from Cincinnati’s point of view because it’s their pick.

Bengals fans, it’s time. The “Red Rifle” era must come to an end. He isn’t taking this team anywhere and you guys are just going to continue to tread water if you keep him around.

That said, it’s time to do something that this franchise has never done and that is to be bold. You have your young offensive minded coach and a good arsenal of pass catchers Now you have your young and exciting QB to complete the puzzle.

4. Oakland Raiders: Brian Burns (Edge) Florida State- “It’s hard to find a great pass rusher. It’s hard to find a good one” (Jon Gruden). Wow, what wise words of wisdom. How am ever I going to find a good pass rusher? Oh wait, Brian Burns is in this in this class!

Seriously though, edge rusher is by far the Raider’s biggest need. Burns is a top 5 player on my board and the second best edge defender in the class. Easy pick for me here.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jawaan Taylor (OT) Florida- The Buccaneers still don’t seem to be completely sold on Jameis Winston. That said, this is his last year on his contract, so they must find out if he is the long term answer. But the only way that they can know for sure, is to give him everything he needs to succeed, and than evaluate him from there.

I am going to tell you right now, Winston does not need Demar Dotson starting at right tackle. In fact, he needs Dotson not to start at right tackle because he just isn’t very good at this point in his career. Insert the 2nd overall player on my board and my OT1, Jawaan Taylor.

6. New York Giants: Josh Allen (Edge) Kentucky- Boy, did Dave Gettleman put me in a pickle or what? When looking at the Giants roster, there isn’t many bright spots that stand out. And to make things even worse, they are in Quarterback hell.

However, I could not bring myself to draft Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock (miss me with Daniel Jones even being in this conversation) because I have too many concerns with both. So, I decided to take Josh Allen.

Outside of Lorenzo Carter, their edge group is pretty barren (Kareem Martin and Markus Golden ain’t it). Which is why Allen is just too good to pass on.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: T.J. Hockenson (TE) Iowa- I think everyone can agree that this selection should be devoted to making the Jags’ new 88 million dollar Quarterback’s life easier. Yes, they could use a right tackle or a receiver but I don’t know if anyone can help Nick Foles more than T.J. Hockenson.

We saw how much Foles loved to throw to his tight ends in Philly and the best tight end on the Jags’ roster is Geoff Swaim. Which frankly isn’t great. Hockenson is the best tight end in the class and can instantly make an impact as a receiver and run blocker. I usually don’t support taking tight ends this high but the fit is too snug to go a different direction.

8. Detroit Lions: Montez Sweat (Edge) Mississippi State- I will be the first one to say that I did not see Montez Sweat having the type of athleticism that he displayed at the combine. He straight up destroyed every test, even the agilities. However, when I went back to watch his tape, I still have flexibility concerns. Which is why I personally wouldn’t feel great about taking Sweat in the top 10.

However, Matt Patricia loves long and heavy handed edge setters, which is exactly what Sweat is. He might not have the pass rush upside that most teams covet in the top 10, but that’s never been a problem for the “New England style” of defense.

I know this is ultimately what I would do, but I am not going to try to reinvent the wheel and draft players that don’t fit a team’s respective system.

9. Buffalo Bills: Ed Oliver (IDL) Houston- The Bills did a pretty good job addressing their needs in free agency. However, they did not address their interior defensive line and Kyle Williams is now retired.

I know that they have Harrison Phillips waiting in the wings, and he came along a lot faster than anybody thought. Yet, I still believe he is better suited as the 3rd guy in the rotation. That said, Ed Oliver makes a lot of sense here.

He fits their 4-3 scheme perfectly because he plugs right into the 3 technique. Also, Oliver is still somewhat raw as a pass rusher and Sean McDermott and his staff have done a great job at developing defensive linemen. Which is why I love the fit for both parties

10. Denver Broncos: Devin Bush (LB) Michigan- Let me start off by asking Mr. Elway one tiny question before I explain my pick. WHO is still letting you make Quarterback decisions!? I mean did you really think that Joe Lord Pretty FLACCO Jodie is that much better than Case Keenum? Because this was about as lateral of a move I have ever seen.

Anyway, it does seem like the Broncos believe that they are good enough to compete, and to be fair, I liked a lot moves they made in the off season (besides you know who). So, it made sense to add some speed, leadership, and coverage ability to their linebacker core by selecting Devin Bush.

Now, many believe that Devin White is the best linebacker in the class and honestly I wouldn’t argue with you if that is what you thought. However, Bush graded out just a tad better for me and that is why he is the first linebacker off the board. You really can’t go wrong with either.

11. New York Jets: Jonah Williams (OT) Alabama- This might be an unpopular opinion, but I believe the Jets struck out in free agency. Obviously C.J. Mosley and Le’Veon Bell are good additions but they massively over paid for both. Also, their biggest needs are offensive line and edge rusher and they didn’t sign any of either.

I just don’t see that different of roster from the one that they had last year, which is why they must trade back and obtain more picks as a did here. I used the 11th pick on Jonah Williams because he obviously addresses a need but also because he can play any position on the o line. And the Jets need help everywhere.

12. Green Bay Packers: Devin White (LB) LSU- The Packers addressed a lot of their needs in free agency, yet they still need some help at linebacker. They also need a true leader/quarterback of their defense. Making Devin White the perfect pick at 12.

13. Tennessee Titans trade the 19th pick, the 82nd pick and a 2020 second round pick with the Miami Dolphins for the 13th pick: D.K. Metcalf (WR) Ole Miss- The Titans are in the same position as the Buccaneers in the sense that they must find out if Marcus Marriota is the guy moving forward. Meaning they need to provide him with everything he needs to succeed to really know for sure.

This shouldn’t be breaking news but Corey Davis (who I love), Taywan Taylor, and Adam Humphries ain’t enough for Marriota to succeed. They need another another stud receiver to pair with Davis if they want to get the most out of Marriota. D.K. Metcalf is that stud receiver and he isn’t falling to 19. So in order to get him, they would have to move up.

14. Atlanta Falcons: Dalton Risner (OL) Kansas State- Many might think this is too high for Dalton Risner but I strongly disagree. He is the 10th overall player on my board and one of the most versatile offensive lineman in the class.

The Falcons need help everywhere on the offensive line besides left tackle and center. Fortunately for them, Risner can player everywhere besides left tackle. Again, some of these picks aren’t rocket science.

15. Washington Redskins: Hakeem Butler (WR) Iowa State- I would imagine that the Redskins would be pretty salty that the Titans swooped in and stole D.K. Metcalf right from their grasp. They shouldn’t be though, because Hakeem Butler is a great player!

Obviously, Butler isn’t the freak of nature that Metcalf is, but is still a physical specimen compared to most people on the planet. The bottom line is if  Washington believes that they can win now, they need to fix their receiving core. And Butler does just that.


16. Carolina Panthers: Clelin Ferrell (Edge) Clemson-  The athletic concerns that I had with with Clelin Ferrell were heightened when he didn’t test at his pro day and under achieved at the combine. So, 16 might be a little rich for him.

However, the Panthers’ need at edge is too great to pass on his services. He is exactly the type of edge defender that they like. Which is a big and physical edge setter who plays extremely hard. He might not ever be a premier pass rusher but still projects favorably as a very solid player.

17. New York Giants: Cody Ford (OT) Oklahoma- That’s right! Still no quarterback! The way I look at it is, the Giants aren’t winning anything this year with Eli Manning as their starter. So, their record is probably going to be something similar to what it has been the past two years.

Meaning, they would be in a much better position to select a Quarterback in 2020, which is supposedly a better class. This way they can continue to build their roster to be prepared for when there is a quarterback that is actually worth taking.

Because other than Kyler Murray, there just isn’t another quarterback in this class that I could feel comfortable taking in the top 20. Therefore, Cody Ford is the pick at 17.

18. Minnesota Vikings: Garrett Bradbury (IOL) Vikings- The Vikings desperately need to upgrade their offensive line, especially in the interior. Bringing in Gary Kubiak to help their offense tells me that they want to continue to be an outside zone team. Which is why drafting Garrett Bradbury makes so much sense.

He is the best zone blocking lineman in this class, and he would allow Pat Elflein to move to guard. This marriage makes too much sense to pass up.

19. Miami Dolphins (Via TEN): Jeffery Simmons (IDL) Mississippi State- This was honestly one of the easiest picks that I have made in any mock draft ever. Jeffery Simmons is a top 6 player on my board and plays a premium position. I know that he probably isn’t going to play in 2019 because of his ACL injury. But remind me again, what are the Dolphins playing for this year again?

Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re tanking! Meaning it really doesn’t matter if Simmons doesn’t play this year. In fact, Miami would probably benefit more from him not playing, because they want to lose.

So, the Dolphins would be walking away with an extra 2019 3rd round pick and extra 2020 2nd round pick, and a top 6 player in the class. Who wouldn’t be on board with that?

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Greedy Williams (CB) LSU- It’s safe to say that the Artie Burns experiment has crashed and burned, considering he might not even make the roster next year. That said, corner is still a huge need for this team.

When looking at the type of corners the Steelers have targeted in recent years, some obvious trends stand out. They must be long/tall, athletic, and from a power 5 school. Well Pittsburgh, you are in luck because Greedy Williams is still on the board.

I have my concerns with Williams’s inconsistencies, and ultimately believe that Byron Murphy is the better/safer prospect. However, Murphy doesn’t fit the Steelers prototype and Williams does. Which is why he is the pick here.

21. Seattle Seahawks: Nasir Adderly (Safety) Delaware- We all knew that Seattle was not going to bring back Earl Thomas after he flicked them off in his last ever game as a Seahawk. That said, they don’t currently have another ball hawking free safety on their roster to replace him.

Nasir Adderly is arguably the only true single high/center fielding safety in this class. And that position must be played competently in order for Seattle’s cover 3 scheme to function properly. Now, I am not saying Adderly is Earl Thomas, but he is a perfect fit in their defense.

22. Baltimore Ravens: Deebo Samuel (WR) South Carolina- When looking at the Ravens roster, it’s important to realize that their receivers are STRAIGHT UP POOP! I know that they want have 5 tight ends on the field and run the ball every play, but they must get some reliable pass catchers for Lamar Jackson. Luckily for them, Deebo Samuel might be the most reliable target in the class and he is still available.

23. Houston Texans: Andre Dillard (OT) Washington- Deshaun Watson might not survive if the Texans don’t improve their tackle situation. So if anything, I would try to trade up and get a blue chip offensive lineman if I was them.

However, they lucked out with Andre Dillard falling to 23. Now, I am not as sold on Dillard as the consensus is, but the Texans’ need at offensive tackle is too great to draft another position.

24. Oakland Raiders: Byron Murphy (CB) Washington- Finally! The slide for CB1 ends here! The Raiders desperately need help at corner opposite of Gareon Conley, and luckily for them the best corner in the class is still available.

25. Philadelphia Eagles: Christian Wilkins (IDL) Clemson- I realize that the Eagles have Fletcher Cox and signed Malik Jackson this off season. Yet, I live by the philosophy that you can never have enough pass rush.

Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that Jackson is coming off a down year. Wilkins can be insurance plan if Jackson doesn’t work out and is more of a long term answer in general. Philly doesn’t really have any crying needs so this was a best player available at a premium position selection.

26. Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Tillery (IDL) Notre Dame- Like I said, there is no such thing as too much pass rush. The Colts did a great job of adding depth at defensive end. Yet, they could still use some help in the interior. Insert Jerry Tillery.

Tillery is a pass rush specialist that fits perfectly into the Colts defense. He can rotate in as the 3 technique and give Denico Autry some snaps off. I really think his contributions could put this defense over the top.

27. Oakland Raiders: Noah Fant (TE) Iowa- We saw how important Jared Cook was to Derek Carr’s success last year. So, I decided to give him a younger and better version of Cook in Noah Fant.

28. Los Angeles Chargers: Drew Lock (QB) Missouri- Uh Oh, Quarterback alert!!! My rationale behind this pick is that the Chargers aren’t going to be in a position to draft a top Quarterback prospect as long as Phillip Rivers continues to play at a high level. And if we are keeping it 100, they need to start looking for Rivers’s successor sooner then later.

This would also be an ideal situation for Drew Lock because he fits the offense, he wouldn’t have to start right away, and he can learn from one of the best Quarterbacks in the league.

29. Seattle Seahawks: Rashan Gary (DL) Michigan- Pete Carroll is a sucker for big edge defenders with explosive traits. Which is exactly what Rashan Gary is. He isn’t a finished product yet though and there is definitely some risk with taking him this high.

However, if anybody can get the most of out of Gary, it’s Carroll and his staff. So, I am willing to bet on his upside in Seattle.


30. Green Bay Packers: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (DB) Florida- The Packers addressed their need at safety in free agency by bringing in Adrian Amos. Yet, Amos is more of a strong safety, so they are still missing that true center fielder. They also don’t have a bonafide slot corner on their roster either.

Chauncey Garder-Johnson is the stone that can kill both of those positional birds because he is arguably the most versatile defensive back in the class. Plus, their defensive coordinator Mike Pettine loves his dime packages. Meaning the more DBs, the better.

31. Los Angeles Rams: Michael Deiter (IOL) Wisconsin- I really wanted to draft Chase Winovich here, but I had to address the Rams’ interior offensive line. I just don’t believe that both Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen will be ready to start next season.

It’s more likely that only one of them will be ready to start, and Michael Deiter gives them the flexibility of being able to start at guard or center. Now, many don’t see Deiter as 1st round prospect but I believe that this is perfect value for him


32. New England Patriots: Dwayne Haskins (QB) Ohio State- And last but not least, the Patriots shock the world and draft a 1st round Quarterback. In all seriousness, I really do like this fit because Haskins plays a similar style of football as Tom Brady. They are both cerebral pocket passers that like to work the intermediate parts of the field.

Now, in no way shape or form am I saying that Haskins is going to be Tom freaking Brady. I am just trying to drive home the point that he fits New England’s prototype. I do question how high Haskins’s ceiling is, but if anyone is going to get the most out of him, it’s the Patriots.