Top 5 Potential NBA Free Agency Signings

The NBA free agency period is nothing short of chaotic, with players signing with new teams all the time and many big names floating with rumours abound. It’s a hopeful time of the season for many fans and a desperate scramble for others. All-stars find new teams every season and this offseason looks to be no exception, with many proven game changers up for grabs to any team with the right price. All that remains is for the postseason to end, and the chaos to begin. Here are your top 5 potential free agency signings.

Kawhi Leonard to the Brooklyn Nets

The Nets were a playoff team this year. D’Angelo Russell led a surprisingly effective Brooklyn team in a legitimate playoff attempt, and they didn’t get swept. That should tell you all you need to know about this teams ability play and, considering their position, they are an attractive spot for many star players. Kawhi Leonard is still looking for a new contract and his rental year in Toronto is almost over. Nothing has indicated him making up his mind about staying in “The Great White North” and as things stand, Leonard will be looking to compete in a bigger market. Leonard will be looking for a max contract and a team that’ll love the fire he brings, as well as both the offensive and defensive playmaking he could bring to a team that ranked 16th in defensive efficiency this year. Kawhi has a lot of options, and the Nets should rank highly on his list of potential buyers.

Kevin Durant to the New York Knicks

As it turns out, there’s more than one team in New York. This may come as a surprise to a lot of NBA fans, considering the Knicks have won only one playoff series since 2000. Despite their recent disappointments, the Knicks do have plenty of room for a superstar or two, and Durant might be their guy. KD did a lot of damage to his reputation by signing with Golden State in 2016, immediately after the Warriors posted a 73-9 season, the best in NBA history. Durant has said on several occasions that he doesn’t care about his reputation, but if he were to sign with a dumpster fire team like the Knicks (sorry Knicks fans) and bring them back into the modern era, he might just recover his GOAT argument.

Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers

Speaking of GOATs, Kyrie Irving might have the best handles in the history of the NBA. Though he may not have handled (pun) the Boston Celtics struggles earlier this season with grace and aplomb, he seems to have righted the ship and steered clear of drama. That doesn’t take any value away from his statement of ‘doing what best for me’ that he made when asked if he were to re-sign with Boston amid all their early-midseason issues. Kyrie leaned on ex-teammate and genuine legend LeBron James during that hard time , rekindling their old friendship. Kyrie expressed some regret for his actions and words, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them together once more, this time in revered gold and purple uniforms.

Klay Thompson to the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors don’t look as indomitable as they have been in recent years, despite still holding the top spot in the western conference. They might not be unbeatable anymore, but they are definitely still top contenders and the west still runs through Oakland for the time being. In the 8 seasons since Klay Thompson was drafted 11th overall by the Warriors, they’ve made 7 playoff berths, including 3 championships in 4 finals appearances. Success is hard to run from and Klay has only ever had one home in the NBA, but by staying with Golden State Thompson risks living in Steph Curry’s shadow forever. Klay Thompson is one of the premier shooters in the league and would complement a lot of teams nicely, but none better than his current fit. Thompson re-signs with the Warriors, putting team success over personal glory.

Kemba Walker to the Indiana Pacers

Kemba Walker doesn’t get much coverage for a guy who won the NCAA championship in 2011, and that could be largely attributed to his lack of postseason berths, making the playoffs just twice in 8 seasons. The 28 year old may not have appeared often in the playoffs, but the taste he got for the leagues most exciting matchups should be enough to force him out of Charlotte and into Indiana, where he can compete on a dangerous Pacers team for a genuine shot at the championship. Victor Oladipo and Kemba Walker would make a dangerous grouping, and with LeBron in the western conference there is no clear leader for the east any more. He’s not getting any younger and if he wants to win it all before he goes out, his last big payday needs to come from a clear cut contender.