Where Will Dez Throw Up His Next X?

Dez Bryant for a very long time has been one of the most polarizing players in the NFL in the fact you either love the guy or absolutely hate the guy. This is majorly because of his immense passion for the game which can often rub fans and coaches the wrong way. Whether its throwing cups on the sideline during a heated motivational speech, asking for his coaches to get him more involved, or his frequent spats with opposing cornerbacks (looking at you Josh Norman), Dez Bryant has never been the passive type. However, he brought just as much fire to every game and every play, letting defenses know when he just threw up the X on them. Nonetheless, Bryant’s explosive play style as well as attitude has made him a polarizing player for front offices to evaluate. Let’s dive right into where the best fits and most likely landing spots are for Dez Bryant…

Best Fits: Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints

Among the teams with a blatant need at the wide receiver position still post draft, Jacksonville and Washington stand out. Bryant made his criteria for teams he’s interested in joining pretty clear: a contender on a one year contract. Jacksonville is a team that isn’t getting enough credit as before the quarterback position and offensive line imploded, the defense was still evidently elite. The Jaguars still have the “Sacksonville” defense of old and it should be even better with arguably the top edge rusher in the draft Josh Allen (whom has gained flattering comparisons to Von Miller himself) added to the roster. It simply came down to the fact that the offense kept putting the defense back on the field. With Foles added as the franchise quarterback, a franchise running back in Fournette, and an up and coming offensive line headlining Cam Robinson (left tackle) and Andrew Norwell (left guard) returning from injury, and the top right tackle in the draft added a la Jawaan Taylor, the Jaguars have the pieces to compliment a dynamic defense and make a run for the Super Bowl. The one piece missing in Jacksonville? Wide receiver. This is where Dez Bryant would fit in and add a solid receiving threat with explosive ability. His fiery demeanor would match that of what Jacksonville’s defense (especially Ramsey) brings to the table as well, providing a perfect piece to the Jaguars’ team.

Another system where Bryant could thrive is Washington. Washington grabbed a dynamic franchise quarterback in Dwayne Haskins during the middle of round one of the 2019 NFL draft and also has a dominant three headed monster in the backfield with Derrius Guice, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Thompson. Futhermore, Washington is another team like Jacksonville who actually had one of the league’s most dominant defenses prior to an offensive collapse. Prior to the Alex Smith injury, Washington had a top five defense and was respected league wide with arguably the league’s best front seven. With a new franchise quarterback in place, as well as all their franchise running backs back from injury, the Redskins just may be an explosive receiving threat away from a serious playoff push.

Lastly, the team that signed Bryant prior to his crushing Achilles injury: the New Orleans Saints. In New Orleans, Bryant would be on a team where he is instantly in the front running position for the elusive Super Bowl he has sought out his whole career. Furthermore, having Brees as his quarterback and Michael Thomas taking pressure off him to dominate would be a picture perfect scenario for Bryant. The Saints re-signing Bryant simply makes all the sense in the world. It also doesn’t hurt that the team rallied around him so quick as multiple Saints players threw up the X in honor of Dez the week after his injury.

Prediction: New Orleans Gives Bryant One More Chance At A Super Bowl Run

Not much to say here, as I stated, it just makes too much sense.

Hope: An Improbable Dallas Reunion

As a die hard Dallas fan, I wish and dream of this scenario. Dez Bryant is my favorite NFL player to ever hit the field and was without a doubt, the most exciting Dallas player to watch in a long time. It would have to be the veteran minimum in a WR3 or WR4 role, but just to see him throw up the X one last time in a Dallas uniform would be amazing. I’d welcome back Dallas’ all time receiving touchdown leader with open arms.

P.S. Dez caught it.

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