Have We Met(s) New York’s Full Potential Yet?

The New York Mets have had a turbulent start to the season to say the least. Between starting the season with a mediocre 20-25 record and their offensive star Yoenis Cespedes being ruled out the remainder in the season for stepping in a hole, the Mets season has been quite underwhelming to say the least. This was all topped off with arriving to their 20-25 record on the back of being swept by the league’s worst team, the Marlins. At a 20-25 record following that embarrassing sweep, having one of their best offensive players out for the season for stepping in a hole, and striking out down with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth (the epitome of the Mets’ season), all hope seemed lost. However, that’s when things turned around big time for the Mets.

The Mets then went on to win six of their next seven games including a sweep of the divisional rival Nationals. Furthermore, New York has scored below five runs only once in their last seven games, while hitting woes have haunted them much of the season. This is in no doubt accredited to the dominance of rookie Peter Alonso, but there’s been plenty credit to go around with Thomas Nido’s walk off homer in the thirteenth versus the Tigers on Saturday with Wilson Ramos also knocking in two home runs that game. The crazy part? This magnificent homestand by the Mets was completed without one of their best players and youngsters, Michael Conforto. However, he’s back now and should provide the Mets with even more of a hitting boost for the foreseeable future.

With plenty of adversity, the Mets seem to be bouncing back in promising ways. On the contrary, the Mets aren’t in opposition to giving their fanbase hope and stealing it away from them in an instant (flashback to the Mets’ 10-1 2018 start just to collapse before the league’s eyes). Nonetheless, the Mets’ resilience to bounce back and flip the narrative of this season is inspiring so far. It also provides intrigue that during the Mets’ World Series season, they attempted to trade for Carlos Gomez just for the trade to get canceled. Now, flashback to a few days ago when Gomez completed the sweep of the Nats with a three run homer in the eighth. I’m not a superstitious person, but for fans who believe in signs, it bodes well for New York. It’s a miniscule sample size, but New York fans everywhere hope that the five game skid before the current seven game success serves as a lesson to build off of for the remainder of the season.

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