76ers Off-season Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers ended this season with another second round defeat. They have some decisions to make this summer with a lot of key upcoming free agents. The following are free agents for the 76ers this summer: JJ Redick, Jimmy Butler, Amir Johnson, T.J. McConnell, Furkan Korkmaz, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott, James Ennis, Greg Monroe. That is a big list that includes some key starters and bench pieces. They will have to make some decisions this summer. The top two free agents are obviously Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. I think Jimmy Butler is a big priority. Tobias was inconsistent with the 76ers, especially in the playoffs. If Philly wants to bring him back, I think it should be on a shorter-term deal. If 76ers choose to let Tobias walk, it would not be a bad idea. Especially if they are looking to add another top tier free agent.

The 76ers could go over the salary cap to bring back Butler and/or Harris, so cap space to bring them back will not be an issue. It could become a tough decision if they want to bring in a top tier free agent. The Sixers could let go of both if they want to bring in a superstar like Kawhi or Durant. That is a long shot. There are a few top level free agents I believe Sixers should pursue. One being SG Klay Thompson. He would give Philadelphia a lethal shooter and great defender. They would have to let go of either Tobias or Jimmy to get him, but he would be an upgraded version of JJ Redick. Klay Thompson would be a great fit for the 76ers and they should definitely go all-in on him.

Philadelphia needs to go all-in this off-season and make a championship run in 2020. It is a make or break year for Brett Brown. They should take every opportunity they have to upgrade their team. Ben Simmons is due for an extension after 2019-2020 season, and this will be the last off-season they will have a lot of flexibility with their cap space. I believe if they do a few adjustments to the roster in free agency, they should be in great position for a championship run next season.