Offseason QB Index


32. Eli Manning

Manning has regressed significantly over the past few seasons and there’s little reason to believe he’ll turn this around without OBJ

31. Case Keenum

With Washington likely wanting to keep Haskins on the bench for much of his rookie year, the team will be led by the ultimate one-hit-wonder. Keenum’s one good year can’t make up for the myriad of bad ones.

30. Joe Flacco

Flacco has produced some of the worst stats at one of the highest salaries. Denver took a chance on the veteran QB. I doubt it pays off.

29. Josh Rosen

I like Rosen and understand the situation he was in last year, but its hard to put him above some of these other QBs when he’s yet to play well professionally.

28. Kyler Murray

I believe he will be the only rookie starter. Hard to put a rookie above many proven vets, but loads of potential

27. Andy Dalton

Dalton has had a career defined by mediocrity and injury. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and needs to start taking control of this narrative this year.

26. Lamar Jackson

Lamar catches a lot of hate, largely from the disstrous first half in the playoffs last year. Jackson oviously has some work to be done as a thrower, but on the ground he is elite. He could ru na very succesful read-option based offense even if the passing doesn’t come.

25. Josh Allen

Allen impressed more with his legs than arm in his rookie year, but he had no weapons. Certainly has potential to move up to the top 10.

24. Nick Foles

Foles is very polarizing in the sports world, with some pointing to the playoff magic to sing his praises and others pointing to years of lackluster regular season performances to tear him down. I tend to side more with the later. If Foles can lead a team for a whole season successfully, then it’s a different story. Still though, major improvement from Bortles.

23. Jameis Winston

Winston is yet to live up to his draft pedigree, majorly struggling with the turnover and battling with Fitzpatrick for his job all of last season. Winston must cut down on the interceptions in order to keep his job in Tampa.

22. Marcus Mariota

Just edging out his draft mate, Mariota too has been struggling for a while. Mariota has had a plethora of injuries and few weapons to throw it to. However, he has failed to play in the big moments and seems to have lost the big play magic he had in college.

21. Sam Darnold

Darnold showed a boat load of potential his rookie season, and other than Mayfield looked the best in his class. He seems like he can be the franchise QB for the Jets, but still needs to develop.

20. Kirk Cousins

Although his stats last year were comparable to Brady’s, Cousins has proven time and time again to fail in the big moments. Not making the playoffs was a colossal disappointment for Minnesota. Cousins needs to have a big year in order to hush the doubters of his $84 million contract.

19. Derek Carr

Carr has continued to put up big numbers in a miserable situation. He showed himself to be a true team leader when [redacted] hit the fan and I wouldn’t be surprised if he reenters the conversation as a top 10 QB. The fact that he is this low is a testament to how good the rest of the QBs are.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G hasn’t gotten many chances to prove himself, but in these opportunities he has certainly shined. The years under Brady ought to have helped with his mental game and his physical gifts were always there. Can’t have him much higher until he stays healthy for a whole season.

17. Dak Prescott

Dak is very hard to rank. On one hand, he has shown that when he has weapons, he can play. However, he has been bad for around half of his (albeit short) career. As someone who is about to be the highest paid player in football, Dak can certainly make the case for the top 10 with a good start to next season.

16. Matthew Stafford

Stafford this year will likely find himself in the same situation he finds himself in every year, spearheading a 6-8 win team that has a hot stretch but cools off. Stafford has one of the best arms in the league, but has to lead his team back into the playoffs at this stage in his career.

15. Mitchell Trubisky

Perhaps too low, but I believe Mitch was largely carried by his defense last season. He is yet to truly show that he can win in an offensive shootout. However, he has a great head on his shoulders and is more than able to create plays with his legs.

14. Cam Newton

Cam had an injured shoulder last season that significantly affected his play, so I believe he should be judged more on his earlier years heading into the 2019 campaign. Newton is still a lethal dual-threat who could lead his team to the playoffs in any given year.

13. Jared Goff

Goff has greatly improved since his abysmal rookie season. He led his team to the Super Bowl last season and looks like he’s going to stick in LA. However, it’s hard to separate Goff from his scheme and weapons. I like Goff and believe he is very good, but he has been over hyped based on who’s around him.

12. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is yet to start to truly regress, but he hurts his team in the locker room. While obviously AB was largely responsible for his own situation, stories from ex-teammates paint Roethlisberger as a selfish control-freak. This unstable locker room is the primary factor behind the embarrassment that was last season. From a football standpoint, Ben still has it, but what he brings in ability he takes in morale.

11. Deshaun Watson

Watson managed to lead his team to the postseason despite their lack of a competent offensive line. He showed a great amount of grit, toughness, and play-making ability that should translate nicely should he every get time to throw the ball. There is no reason to believe he shouldn’t be in this league to stay.

10. Matt Ryan

Ryan had big numbers again last year despite the poor record next to his team’s name. Ever since his MVP winning season, Ryan has played great football. He has done so rather quietly and without media love, but Ryan has truly become one of the best passers in the league.

9. Carson Wentz

Wentz needs to stay healthy. He has been pretty damn impressive when he has remained in tact, but he has ended up on the sidelines far to often. Wentz has a very talented team around him to prove this year that he was the right choice over Foles.

8. Baker Mayfield

An incredible rookie year earns Baker a spot in the top ten. He is a total package, bringing elite arm strength with the personality and play-making ability to match. The Browns are Super Bowl contenders next season and that would surely not have been possible without Baker.

7. Phillip Rivers

Who knows how many seasons Rivers has left, but boy he really makes a push every year. One of the great leaders of all time. Phil deserves that ring more than almost anyone. He has churned out consistently good QB play for well over a decade.

6. Andrew Luck

Luck is probably one of the nicest men to ever play in the league, so it’s fitting that he had a great comeback last season and completely turned the Colts around. When Luck has managed to stay healthy, he has clearly demonstrated that he is one of the best in the league.

5. Russell Wilson

Wilson has been amazing his whole career. He managed to get a Seahawks team that many considered to be the worst in the league heading into the year to the playoffs. He has proven he can win with anyone and is one of the few mobile QBs who has managed to largely stay healthy throughout his career.

4. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is the hardest QB on this list to rank. Anywhere from 10 to 1 makes sense to me. I’m going to mostly split the difference. Rodgers is still the most talented talented player in NFL history, but he has had 2 (really more 1.5) disappointing seasons in a row and is gaining a reputation as uncoachable and a bad team leader. Still though, Rodgers would need one more bad year for me to knock him out of the top 5.

3. Drew Brees

Brees is one of the best of all time and has been inhumanly accurate with the football ovet the last two seasons. It’s also two years in a row that Brees’ Super Bowl dreams have been snuffed out in brutal fashion. He has a few years left, so the Saints need to quickly take advantage.

2. Patrick Mahomes

An absolutely unreal season from sophomore Pat Mahomes. Mahomes has made himself one of the faces of the league in just one season, proving himself to perhaps be the most talented gunslinger to ever enter the league. Mahomes was a coin flip away from the Super Bowl, and there’s no reason to believe that he won’t continue to dominate the league.

1. Tom Brady

Until he starts losing, I can’t put the GOAT anywhere but #1. Brady had a statistical decline last year, but that was largely due to their bounty of talented running backs and lack of receivers. With Brady pursuing his 7th ring, who would I be to put anyone above him?