N’Keal Harry’s NFL Career is Off to a Rough Start

When the Patriots used their first-round pick on the electric Arizona State wide receiver the expectations were immediately high. When he suited up for his first preseason game against the Detroit Lions, he made some highlight-reel catches but had to leave the game with an ankle injury. Now that injury seems much more serious than anyone first imagined.

Harry was ruled out for the rest of that game and likely the rest of the preseason which seemed like a common precaution as the preseason is pointless for Harry who was a lock for the roster. And you don’t want to risk the health of your first-round pick.

Today Adam Schefter broke the news that N’Keal Harry will begin the Patriots season on IR. He is expected to return at some point this season but fans are left to wonder how this injury could affect the young receiver.

The Patriots have resigned Demaryius Thomas after cutting him Saturday, so N’Keal could just be a fall guy to create a roster spot for Thomas. However, that theory should worry Patriots fans even more. N’Keal has been doing well at practice this offseason but nothing above expectations for a first-round pick, but if this theory is correct it means that Bill Belichick feels as though N’Keal Harry is not ready for NFL football.

Players on short term IR are eligible to begin practicing after six weeks, but they cannot return to the active list and play in games until 8 weeks after they are placed on IR. So for N’Keal, the earliest we could see his debut in week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens.

While we don’t know what to expect for the rest of Harry’s season it’s sure to be an interesting one and hopefully the young receiver can come back at full strength.