Redskins Get Smacked, Gruden & Manusky Must Go




Aaron M. Sprecher – AP





Redskins fans: let’s be real here, Jay Gruden is coaching for another team at this point in his career, and so is Case Keenum. The Redskins got straight up beat down in the Monday Night Football matchup with the Chicago Bears.

Sidenote, the Redskins have 2 MNF wins since 2008, can we just stop putting them on there? Please?

Once again, the running game did not provide anything and was downright embarrassing. 21 attempts with 69 yards gained? Case Keenum threw three INTs (one returned for a TD) and had the same number of fumbles (lost two). There was no real effort or adjustments made to find holes in the Bears defense until it was too little too late.

Ever since the departure of now-LA Rams head coach Sean McVay in the 2017 offseason, the Redskins offense seems to get progressively worse and worse every year. For comparison, the Redskins with McVay had the 3rd ranked offense, the Rams had the last-ranked offense. Once McVay went to LA, they immediately shot into the top 10, while the Redskins fell to 16th. Finally, last season, the Redskins fell to the 28th ranked offense while the Rams had the 2nd best offense in all of football. Coincidence, maybe. Can you say injuries and the departure of talent played a key role? Sure, ut that doesn’t take away from the pure facts.

Yes, it’s the Bears elite defense; with Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Eddie Jackson, and Danny Trevathan, but come on! An offense can’t get outmanned like that Redskins did. Where’s the heart, the fightback, the pride?

Gruden runs a team that does not adjust well, not making any changes, not forcing a team to get uncomfortable, and just lays back and essentially lets whatever the outcome is, happen. If you take away the two late-game drives in the first two weeks, this team is only scoring  16.3 points per game, which would rank them 27th in the league.

Greg Manusky is just as bad if we’re being honest. This team just allowed the Chicago Bears offense to hang 24 points on them (7 coming from the INT for TD) that coming into the game, only scored 19 points in two games total. Yes, you read that right. The Chicago Bears only scored 19 points in 8 quarters of football, came to FedEx Field, and hung 21 points in 6:17 in the second quarter. Coming into the game Mitch Trubisky was only completing about 58% of his passes, end up completed over 80% of his passes Monday. With all the talent that Washington has brought into the organization, how does this defense continue to be this atrocious? It just doesn’t add up.

This defense has talent from top to bottom, including Johnathan Allen, Daron Payne, Landon Collins, Montez Sweat, and Ryan Kerrigan. Somehow, they keep getting gashed and manhandled every week on consistent bases.

This team is in a situation where they have a bad head coach, a bad defensive coordinator, and an average (at best) QB, all fighting for jobs that they’re clearly losing as time goes on. The Gruden era has been what he’s been his whole NFL coaching career; average at best. Are the Redskins going to allow him to finish out the season, fire him and Manusky and let Case Keenum walk in free agency? The fans should sure as hell hope so.

The only positive outcome from this game is the passing game is looking like something that can be a difference-maker for the next few years. Paul Richardson has a solid game, but more specifically “Scary” Terry McLaurin. He is the first WR that this team has developed into something respectable in recent memory, but it’s only 3 games so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

It’s crazy to think this team has only won a single game since Alex Smith went down with that gruesome leg injury back in November. One game. They were 6-3, looking towards the playoffs, but on a sack from JJ Watt and company changed everything.

The Redskins have some of the best fans in football and have not had anything to cheer for the last 20+ years, and it’s starting to wear on everyone.

It’s time for a new era in the Redskins organization. From a new stadium, to a new head coach, to a new QB, new front office, and a new training staff. Trent Williams is not reporting back to the team and wants to be traded or released, but the front office is too damn stubborn to realize that they need Trent more than Trent needs the Redskins. Refusing to listen to offers will just place the organization is a deeper hole than needed. They need to acquire talent to build around Dwyane Haskins to groom a franchise QB the right way because they haven’t been able to do that in a long, long time.