What is wrong with the Redskins? A Breakdown

Dwayne Haskins has two career starts under his belt, and they both were decent at best, and that is putting it lightly. He threw his first two career TDs yesterday, ending the Redskins 16 quarter-long touchdown-less streak, the longest since 2001 (Baltimore Ravens).

There were mishaps on every level of the team. Haskins missed throws that he should have made. He overthrew some of the WRs that were not excusable, at all. This was said all around the organization that if Haskins misses, he misses high, and that has shown in his appearances, dating back to the preseason. Yes, he does not have any receivers outside of Terry McLaurin that can create separation, but when they are open, Haskins has tendencies to miss them. Are these mistakes that a rookie usually makes? Yes, but this does not make it okay. He was picked as a project pick, but he is on possibly the worst Redskins team in recent memory, so that is not helping his development to be the future of the franchise.

The offensive line is an issue all around. They consistently have penalties called on them and lack accountability for their mistakes. The whole “we have a target on our back and they have a vendetta out on us” is a bunch of nonsense. If you go look at the games and see the times they’ve been called for whatever penalties they are called for, it’s a clear flag and they have no argument. Get better at what you do, you’ve been at the top of the league for holding calls and the fact that you have the nerve to try and argue whatever you’re doing is correct is inexcusable.

The defense lacks skill in the backline of the defense. The LBs are terrible at tackling, the DBs cannot cover, and they need an overhaul at cornerback besides Quinton Dunbar. Josh Norman is consistently around the ball whenever the other teams score TDs in the passing game, Fabien Monreu is always being called for PI or defensive holding, and the whole scheme on defense is god awful.

Let’s not forget the coaches, they’re at the top of the one’s to blame in this. They need to be let go now. Hopefully, this could be a situation like Jared Goff in LA his rookie year where all the coaching staff was let go ending the season, bringing in a new staff that helped usher in a new era. They have misused almost every single player in the Redskins organization, and they need to move on. The schemes are bad, the “accountability” is horrendous, the overall team needs an overhaul from top to bottom.

Owner Dan Snyder needs to look in the mirror and realize that he has a decent to good foundation of the players at his helm and needs to get rid of the coaching staff and need to get this right because they can actually make this right going into the future.