The NFL Decade Awards

With 2019 soon coming to an end, the decade is coming to a close. The last decade of NFL football has garnered historic moments, record-breaking seasons, and future legends in the making. With the tides of 2020 preparing to sweep away the 2010s, it brings with it a time for reflection on the decade of old. With that being said, here are our NFL Awards for the past decade of football.

NFL MVP of the Decade: Tom Brady

No single player in the last decade has been more pivotal to a team’s success than Tom Brady. Honestly, there isn’t even much argument needed here as he’s been the franchise quarterback of the NFL’s most storied dynasty in the past decade. Brady has 292 passing touchdowns to 78 touchdowns in the last nine seasons, while also making the Pro Bowl in each of his last nine seasons, along with two First-Team All-Pro selections. Brady has averaged 4,407 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions per season passing in the last decade as well. However, more importantly, Brady has gone to five Super Bowls in his last nine seasons and won three (he’s gone to the Super Bowl over half of his seasons this decade, which is insane). Without a doubt, Brady has dominated the last decade and put himself at the front of the GOAT conversation.

NFL Offensive Player of the Decade: Tom Brady

NFL Defensive Player of the Decade: JJ Watt

This season, he isn’t looking like his usual self, but JJ Watt has monumentally dominated this decade. This decade, Watt is just shy of 100 sacks with 96 sacks so far in the 2010s. Nonetheless, Watt has made First-Team All-Pro for over half of the last decade, having made it in five of his eight seasons which is an absurd rate. Additionally, Watt has won three Defensive Player of the Year awards (the most of anybody in the last decade and tied for the most in NFL history alongside Lawrence Taylor). With two seasons of over 20 sacks, four seasons four or more forced fumbles, and three Defensive Player of the Year awards, Watt has without a doubt been the most dominant defensive force of the last decade.

NFL Coach of the Decade: Bill Belichick

Team of the Decade: New England Patriots

Catch of the Decade: Odell Beckham Jr

Run of the Decade: Beastquake

Clutch Play of the Decade: Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Interception

In one of the most historic plays in Super Bowl history, with 25 seconds left at the Patriot one-yard line, Russel Wilson looked for his receiver on a slant route for what would have been the game-winning touchdown. However, the Patriots were given a miracle, and Malcolm Butler, a career backup cornerback, jumped in front of the receiver and picked the ball off to win the Super Bowl for New England.


With a decade of NFL football behind us, many historic moments have unfolded as players and teams have cemented themselves in history. The next decade is sure to hold many more historic moments, thrilling games, and immaculate plays. It should be intriguing to see how the next decade of NFL football shapes the history of the league. Leave your thoughts in the comments below what some of the most memorable moments of the 2010s have been in the NFL! Thank you for visiting us today at The Sports Wave!

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