Redskins, Haskins lose but look impressive

The Redskins and Eagles dueled it out in a typical NFC East matchup, closer than expected. But in the end, Carson Wentz led the Eagles down the field and scored the game-winning touchdown and secured the 37-27 win. But there are some things to be excited about if you’re the Redskins.

Let’s start with the unsung hero in this situation, interim coach Bill Calahan. After that embarrassing loss to the Jets a few weeks ago, he challenged the player’s manhood and dignity, and they’ve responded. Since the team meeting, they are playing harder than they have all season. The switch to Dwayne Haskins was the obvious choice, but there can be serious doubt that the previous regime would have started him at any point this season.

Onto the offense, the passing game may have had their breakout game under Dwayne Haskins. He was accurate all game, decisive with his progressions, and didn’t make any mistakes (besides the fumble at the end of the game which isn’t his fault). He and Terry McLaurin finally connected for a big play on the first play, 75 yard TD, on his way to a 130-yard day. Steven Sims Jr. even chipped in with a TD reception but committed a few drops that stalled some drives, but overall a great performance from the passing game.

The front seven today was good but allowed 157 rushing yards, but big plays can be skewed, as Miles Sanders had a 56-yard rush. They also got pressure on Carson Wentz throughout the game, making him throw some passes away and creating pressure all game.

But when there’s good, sometimes there’s bad. The DBs were gashed all day in the passing game. The Eagles were without Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson and Nelson Agolor, and still allowed three TDs through the air. Now the team was without Quinton Dunbar, and Fabien Moreau got hurt in the 4th quarter, making now benched CB Josh Norman had to step in late in the game, and in typical fashion, gave up the game-winning score to a QB now turned WR. It’s safe to say after today, his tenure in D.C. is coming to an ugly close, and the questions can be asked, was this a bad signing?

I’m optimistic that this team is headed in the right direction. They were in the game the whole time even without their best offensive lineman, their best CB, and Derrius Guice.  It feels like a long time ago that this team had that 16 quarter long touchdown-less streak, and have averaged about 22.5 PPG in their last 4 contest.

When the Redskins cut Josh Norman and possibly Paul Richardson (who isn’t bad, just cannot stay on the field), upgrade those two positions this offseason, and see what they can get for Trent Williams, this team’s future is bright, and with Urban Meyer in the building, and the team may be looking for a new GM, this team is on the right track to becoming a better team in the future.