The Cleveland Brown’s woes continue, Despite Their Acquisitions

The Cleveland Browns looked like 2019’s up and coming team, with Super Bowl talks among the fanbase, and around the league. However, something hasn’t clicked right in that locker room for them to take the jump this year. Could that be due to coaching? Due to too many egos in their locker room? Distractions? You never know; it could be all of the above.

The Browns made a big splash in Free Agency last off-season by acquiring Odell Beckham Jr from the New York Giants. After that trade, many fans thought this team would go deep into the playoffs. Having Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, and Nick Chubb along with Baker Mayfield seemed to good to be true on one offense. But what they didn’t know was Cleveland has too many egos in the locker room, and not a Head Coach to control it.

The Browns hired Freddie Kitchens in what looked like the right move in Baker Mayfield’s development. But so far in his Cleveland tenure, it hasn’t seemed like the best move. Kitchens was a former OC in 2018 after being promoted from RB coach. Under Kitchens, the Browns rank 17th in total offense, and 19th in passing; both worse than last season.

Odell Beckham Jr was coming off an amazing career in New York, but a career that had it’s ups and downs along the way. From being injured for a season, to acting out on the sidelines. With that baggage needs a great coach that can handle his personality, because OBJ is a fantastic receiver, he just needs to be tamed every once in a while.

Rumors have been swirling that multiple Browns players have been asking opposing teams to “come get me” during or after games, including OBJ & Jarvis Landry. The Browns NEED to get control over that situation before they let some of their best players leave after the season. And that starts from the top, down to the players. Cleveland needs more players taking blame for bad situations instead of pointing fingers & blaming somebody else. Cleveland has too many “me” guys that don’t stick up for their brothers.

Along with all this has been Baker Mayfields antics. From calling out Duke Johnson in training camp, to calling out his training staff publicly for a botched OBJ injury, the list goes on. If Baker can get past these things and become a leader he needs to be, this team could take the leap that we all expected to come this season.

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