5 Potential HC Firings That Should Happen

With the 100th season drawing to a close, many new HCs exceeded expectations, but some did not. Guys like Brian Flores & Kliff Kingsbury are building great futures with their teams, while coaches like Freddie Kitchens and Adam Gase fell short of their teams’ expectations.

  • New York Jets HC Adam Gase: Adam Gase was brought in to help build a dominant offense, but the team has fell short of that expectation. New York brought in guys like Jamison Crowder & Le’Veon Bell in hopes of speeding up Sam Darnold’s progression. However, their bottom 5 offense has proven otherwise. New York will have to look for a younger HC that is an offensive mastermind to fix their issues.
  • Cleveland Browns HC Freddie Kitchens: The Cleveland Browns brought in a good amount of weapons on offense to help Baker Mayfield, but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. Some argue it’s egos on their team while some argue coaching. It could go either way, but Kitchens is not helping his case to keep his job. His offense is ranked in the middle of the league, despite being great on paper, which is super underwhelming. I could see Kitchens getting fired this off-season.
  • New York Giants HC Pat Shurmur: Pat Shurmur was hired from the Minnesota Vikings to turn around the NY Giants football team. However, despite many efforts & waiting for quite some time now, nothing has happened to give this team hope anytime soon. The Giants offense ranks top 25 in total offense, which is quite underwhelming for somebody that won NFL Assistant Coach Of The Year in 2017. New York will need to look for another coach to help turn this team around.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars HC Doug Marrone: Doug Marrone has lead this Jaguars team to 1 playoff appearance in his tenure, losing all of his good players, including the trust of All-Pro Jalen Ramsey. After causing a mess at QB over the off-season, Marrone may not last much into the off-season. Marrone has lead this Jaguars team to 5-10 and 4th in their division, with a 20th ranked offense and the 27th ranked defense.
  • Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett: This selection won’t surprise many of the readers, as Dallas has been a big disappointment this season. With Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper to name a few, Dallas was poised to have a very good season. Many Cowboys fans have called for management to fire Garrett as the team has had many mediocre & depressing seasons. Now, sitting at Week 17, the Cowboys are sitting at 7-8 & 2nd in their division while fighting for a playoff berth.