The Coop Market:

Franchise Tag?

Yes, Amari Cooper is having yet another great year, but is it being looked into as a bit too good? He was traded to a 3-4 Dallas Cowboys team, which turned to a 3-5 team after Cooper’s first game with Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys noticed that when Cooper was targeted, he made big things happen. The Cowboys went on a huge run, ending the year 10-6. Cooper started the 2019-2020 campaign on fire, being top 5 in receiving. However, fans started to notice that his stats were dropping drastically on the road. Amari Cooper went on to say that he wanted to stay with the Dallas Cowboys but with his drop in stats as well as in impact with the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones may be hesitant to hand the millions over. He isn’t expected to be franchise tagged, so let us take a look at the top threats to sign Amari Cooper this offseason.

Redskins Blockbuster?

Over the past couple of years, we have not seen very many sign and trades or tag and trades but lately the rumors of the 2 transactions have increased. Before Amari Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys, he was almost traded to the Redskins for Josh Norman and a second round pick. Luckily for Cowboy fans, he was traded to Dallas. Could we see him get franchise tagged and traded to the Redskins, personally, this transaction would make a lot of sense.

Pats Win Free Agency

Yes, I have made the entire NFL community terrified. Amari Cooper to the New England Patriots makes too much sense and it would make them possibly the greatest team in NFL history. The New England Patriots have the cap to make a run at Cooper this offseason and before the Dallas trade, many people were saying that he would love the idea of playing with Tom Brady. The Patriots are in need of a big, deep threat. If Cooper were to sign a contract with the New England Patriots, I believe it would be a 3 year, $54 million dollar deal.