2020 NFL Draft: Vanderbilt star Kalija Lipscomb interview

The 2020 NFL Draft prospects interview series kicks off with Vanderbilt star wide receiver Kalija Lipscomb.

I had the opportunity to ask Kalija Lipscomb some questions ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft and really see what makes him tick. His answers were extremely unique, and allow for us to see just how confident and driven he is as a person.

1. This wide receiver class has largely been touted as one of the best and deepest in the history of the NFL. So, what sets you apart from some of the other great talents in this class?

Answer: I think versatility, the fact that over the course of my career; I did everything a wide receiver could do on the college level. I also did it at Vandy, where it’s hard to get noticed and even harder to be included in some of the convos I was in during my college career.

2.  You are definitely a unique wide receiver in the sense it was hard for me when watching you come up with a pro comparison. Do you model your game after anyone?

Answer: Not one person. I’m always interested to hear comps because I don’t think I have the prototypical game as a WR. It’s a weird combo of skills lol.

3. Is there any quarterback, in particular, you would like to play with at the next level?

Answer: Not really, in my opinion, guys at the next level are too good to have chosen one.

4. Do you have an all-time favorite player or any athlete you look up to?

Answer: Not really. I didn’t start watching football, paying attention to football or players until high school.

5. Is there any “go-to” artist or song you listen to before games?

Answer: Dave East and Last Season by Pop Smoke.

6. What’s the one thing you’re most excited for in the NFL?

Answer: Really just playing and having my family be proud.

A class act, Lipscomb was a joy to interview. He projects as a Day 3 selection and has the “diamond in the rough” distinction on the TSW big board. Once again, we thank Kalija Lipscomb for his time and hope he shines at the next-level.

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