Top Relocating 2020 Free Agents

As the offseason approaches, many players will be reconsidering their current roster positions. Be it salary cap, a change of role, or that ever-present chase for a ring, some big-name players will inevitably be dressing in a different uniform for the 2020 season. Let’s get into it.

Anthony Castonzo, OT, Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Castonzo displays rare value for his position. With the future of the Indianapolis Colts uncertain, Castonzo could test the waters in free agency and has the capability to set the market for his position. Possible Locations: Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets

Ronald Darby, CB, Philadelphia Eagles

Ronald Darby has had a very successful tenure in Philadelphia, but it’s coming to an end. With Eagles GM Howie Roseman’s admission of putting his team in a tough position, expect a few familiar faces to visit the chopping block (or in this case, the open market). The Eagles window has closed, and moves need to be made across the board. Expect to find the 26-year old corner in a new uniform in September. Possible Locations: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons

Melvin Gordon, RB, Los Angeles Chargers

This one is no surprise. After an embarrassingly unsuccessful holdout, Gordon proved that the value of a running back is less than it’s been in a long time. Austin Ekeler ruined Gordon’s reputation with Chargers fans and the team itself, and devalued his future contracts by exposing his disposability. Gordon will be somewhere else next year, no doubt about it, but where? Possible Locations: Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs

Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

Yikes. Even Titans fans who were still believers in Mariota in the pre-season might not remember his name by now; Ryan Tannehill forced him out and beat the New England Patriots in a playoff game. There’s no doubt that Mariota finds himself somewhere else next season, but is it as a future franchise QB or has he started the long, unfortunate road to journeymanship? Possible Locations: Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts

Yannick Ngakoue, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

Yannick Ngakoue was part of a monstrous “Sacksonville” defense that carried an anemic offense to the AFC Conference Championship game in 2017. Although coming off an incredibly successful 4-year tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the open market is likely too tempting for a young, ambitious player who wants to lock down a big franchise contract in his first time completely unrestricted. Possible Locations: Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers

A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Green’s last season in Cincinnati, where he’s spent his entire career up until this point, was disappointing. He spent his entire farewell tour on IR, aside from a brief stint with the practice field, and it’s clear that his relation with the team has greatly diminished after this injury fiasco. At 31, fans shouldn’t be surprised to find Green joining the rest of the aging players in the great, inevitable ring-chase. Possible Locations: New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens

Amari Cooper – WR

In an expensive roster such as the one owned by the Dallas Cowboys, it’s impossible to pay everyone. Ezekiel Elliott, a high-caliber defense, and one of the best offensive lines in the league takes one massive chunk of a budget. With a new set of coaching staff, headlined by new HC Mike McCarthy, retaining Dak Prescott is a priority, but Amari Cooper is likely to fall by the wayside. There are plenty of teams in need of a new WR1, so Cooper might set the market come March. Possible Locations: Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnatti Bengals

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, Seattle Seahawks

Jadeveon Clowney has had injury trouble, that much is true. Coming off his one-year rental with the Houston Texans, however, he played 87% of their defensive snaps. Looking to the future, Clowney will find that most teams will be able to look past his injury issues in order to obtain his incredible production. In search of a franchise team at age 26, Clowney finally hits the open seas; though he’d rather have hit it a year ago. A force to be reckoned with off the edge, he’ll bring the boom in September. Possible Locations: Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets

Chris Jones, DT, Kansas City Chiefs

One of the only stars on a near-empty KC defense, Jones starred. With limited cap space on his current team, Jones may look for a different contender that could use, and afford, his talents. Possible Locations: Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks

Chris Harris Jr, CB, Denver Broncos

A once-great talent, Chris Harris Jr is likely finished in Denver. At 30, he’s getting no younger, and this might be his last chance to cash in a real paycheck. Denver doesn’t need him unless he takes a significant pay cut, and he’s likely eyeing retirement in the near future. A one-year deal as a depth piece is in his near future. Possible Locations: Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers