Top 5 Landing Spots for A.J. Green

Although A.J. Green has not played a full season since 2017, he is still a top free agent this year. The future Hall-of-Famer will surely be able to choose his own destination this upcoming season. Let’s explore Green’s top potential landing spots:

#5: Arizona Cardinals

Coming in at number five is a team that isn’t top-tier yet, but is on the rise. Larry Fitzgerald seems to never want to retire, but the Cardinals should be prepared with another high-end veteran option whenever he decides to hang up the cleats for good. Kyler Murray’s development would be tremendously boosted by the arrival of A.J. Green.

Remember when Andy Dalton and Green arrived in the league together in 2011 and the Bengals went to the postseason for five straight years? That is the type of effect Green will have on just about any team, and this Cardinals squad looks eerily similar to that early 2010s Bengals team. While the Cardinals are already a team on the rise, Green would give this team the boost required to become a contender as soon as next season.

#4: Green Bay Packers

The addition of A.J. Green may be enough to put the Green Bay Packers, already a very strong team, over the edge. Yes, they have Davante Adams, but beyond him, they don’t have much in terms of depth. Not only would Green strengthen the depth of Green Bay’s roster at receiver, but he would also undoubtedly give a boost to their offense when paired with Adams.

Furthermore, Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting any younger, and the Packers should go all out while they still have him. An Aaron Rodgers-led offense with Green and Adams at receiver looks dangerous on paper, and it certainly would be fun to watch.

#3: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco is another team that is already in a great spot, as shown by their recent trip to the Super Bowl. But what are they missing? A high-end franchise receiver. Their best receiver last year was Deebo Samuel with 802 yards and while that isn’t bad, Green is a consistent 1,000 yard threat.

Furthermore, that is only considering paper stats, as Green will ultimately allow other receivers to get open and will bring an invaluable amount of experience to the receivers’ room in San Francisco. The 49ers are already a powerhouse in the league and their roster does not have many holes. Adding A.J. Green would fill in one of the few weak spots of their roster and give Jimmy Garoppolo a dangerous weapon on offense..

#2: New England Patriots

Assuming that Tom Brady returns to New England, this pairing almost makes too much sense. Brady and the Patriots have been desperate for a top-flight veteran at receiver, as made clear by their trial runs with Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown.

The biggest difference between Green and the aforementioned names? Green brings absolutely zero drama with him and will simply get his job done day in and day out. With an already solid team (per usual), the Patriots could be lifted back to the top of the league with a receiver such as Green. In a perfect world, this pairing would resemble the days of Tom Brady to Randy Moss.

#1: Cincinnati Bengals

Of course, the city that A.J. Green has called home for the past 9 seasons must be listed in the first spot. Not only is Cincy the most likely place he ends up, but it also makes the most sense. More likely than not with Joe Burrow at quarterback, Green will have a superb talent throwing him the ball.

He is also one of the silent leaders in the Bengals’ locker room and he holds the team together. Not to mention, both sides have expressed interest in getting a deal done. If not, the Bengals have expressed willingness to use the franchise tag on him and Green has said that he would play while tagged. It’s hard to imagine A.J. Green anywhere else, given the circumstances.