How the Coronavirus is Impacting Sports

A man helps clean out, as the Dallas Mavericks among other teams across the world clean their facilities

As the world scrambles in worry of the coronavirus outbreak, global sporting events are taking a major blow. Everyday the number of confirmed cases increases and the death toll rises alongside it. In America, many states are under a state of emergency with many politicians and public health officials calling for large gatherings of people to be cancelled or postponed. Across the world, large gatherings are also being cancelled and countries are in panic. This has majorly affected sports.


On Wednesday, the NBA suspended regular season play indefinitely. The league wants commissioner Adam Silver to reevaluate in at least 30 days. So far, 2 players have been tested positive for the coronavirus. Utah Jazz players Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. It is unclear how Gobert and Mitchell contracted the virus, but it is possible Gobert gave it to Mitchell or the other way around. Other players on the Jazz say that Gobert does not keep to himself in the locker room as he was quite reckless by touching other people’s belongings.


Although the regular season hasn’t started yet, the MLB was still affected. The rest of spring training was cancelled the opening day was pushed back at least two weeks. The regular season was originally going to start on March 26 but it is unclear when it will begin. On Monday, the MLB suspended opening day by at least 8 weeks, per the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations adding more uncertainty to the situation.


On Thursday, the NHL announced that they would be suspending the season until further notice. So far the only thing that commissioner Gary Bettman has said is “as soon as it is appropriate and prudent” (as to when the games will resume).


The PGA tour has decided to cancel all upcoming tournaments over the next few weeks except for the Masters. Although, the Masters will be postponed until further notice.

College Sports

Earlier in the week, the NCAA stated that March Madness would still go on, but without fans. But later in the week news came that they decided to cancel the mens and womans March Madness tournaments entirely. It was a tough blow in the sporting world because March Madness is one of the most popular tournaments in the world. Then came even more heart-breaking news, all spring and winter season tournaments would be cancelled. Meaning that gymnastics, baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, and more would be cancelled. Lastly, multiple college football teams such as Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame cancelled their spring football games. All of a sudden March Madness seemed more like March Sadness.

Other Sports

  • The XFL cancelled the remainder of the season and but has said that they will be back for the next season.
  • MLS has suspended play for 30 days. Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League also suspended games.
  • The Olympics are still contemplating their options. Although it is quite far away, who know if the pandemic will still be going on.

How Life Changes

Without sports, many people don’t have much to do. As a sports writer, what sports do we write about if there aren’t any going on? When you turn on a TV, there are no sports to watch or really talk about. Schools across the nation, colleges and K-12, are closing and delaying spring sports due to coronavirus. People are prepping to stay indoors for many days, leaving grocery stores nearly empty. Continue to stay calm. Know your facts and do things such as wash your hands, don’t touch your face, etc. If you do these things sports will come back soon enough.