QB Rankings – NFC West

Part 6 of 8 in the QB Rankings series. In this article, we will be focusing on the quarterbacks from the NFC West. 

*This is my opinion and I based this only off of 2019 performances* 

1st – Russell Wilson | 4th overall

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2019 Stats – 4,110 yards | 66.1 pct | 31 pass TD – 3 rush TD | 5 INT | 2 FUM

Wilson was the frontrunner for the MVP award, but a surge from Lamar Jackson left Seattle’s star in the dust. Aside from that, Wilson looked spectacular, even with his banged up offensive line and several injuries in the backfield. He got a playoff win on the road in Philadelphia, but fell short at Green Bay.

He’s always been a top-tier quarterback and was nothing short of that this year. Wilson is going to come back in 2020 with healthy running backs and a repaired offensive line. He will definitely be in the MVP talks once again. 

2nd – Kyler Murray | 12th overall

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2019 Stats – 3,722 yards | 64.4 pct | 20 pass TD – 4 rush TD | 12 INT | 2 FUM

The Offensive Rookie of the Year made the most of Arizona by putting together a somewhat successful season. Ball security was not an issue for the young quarterback, but the turnovers in the air were. It’s good that he made these mistakes early, because they are fixable.

Murray does have weapons to work with like Christian Kirk, Larry Fitzgerald and now DeAndre Hopkins. The NFC West is probably the most competitive division in the NFL, and developing Murray by giving him players to work with in 2020 will make it even more competitive. 

3rd – Jimmy Garoppolo | 15th overall

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2019 Stats – 3,978 yards | 69.1 pct | 27 pass TD – 1 rush TD | 13 INT | 5 FUM

Ranking Garoppolo was hard for me. Yes, he was solid throughout the regular season, but the postseason is a different story. Garoppolo’s best playoff performance had a whopping 8 passes. Like I said, not the numbers a quarterback should have in the postseason. Yes, the 49ers got to the Super Bowl by using the ground game, but you need a passing game too.

However, his playoff performance is kind of overshadowed by his performance in the regular season. 27 touchdowns and almost 4,000 passing yards made the 49ers the 1st seed in the NFC. It’ll be interesting to see how Garoppolo plays in 2020 and if he is the guy to bring a Super Bowl back to San Francisco. 

4th – Jared Goff | 19th overall

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2019 Stats – 4,638 yards | 62.9 pct | 22 pass TD – 2 rush TD | 16 INT | 5 FUM

Goff took a major step down from his past performances the last two years, but it all wasn’t his fault. An injured Todd Gurley, who hasn’t been the same, and an offensive line breaking down didn’t help Goff one bit.

The former first round pick didn’t look good throughout the year, despite throwing over 4,500 yards. The 16 interceptions did not help as well. His efforts gave the Rams a winning season without a playoff berth. The Rams have a lot of heat on them coming into 2020, which means Goff is going to have to step up to put Los Angeles back in the postseason.