Top 7 Most Obnoxious Fan Bases

Your team is who you are. You wear their jersey every game day with pride and know you are proud to be a part of their great franchise. Sure, others might judge you for what team that is, but you do it because you are who you root for. 

If you’ve been to an NFL game, you know there are loud fans everywhere. Are they wrong? No, of course not! They love their team and you should too. But…there are some fans that take it too far to the point where they are downright annoying and obnoxious. 

Here, we list the top 7 most obnoxious fans in the NFL (get ready to be triggered): 

#7: Redskins Fans

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The Redskins are a complete disaster, but that doesn’t stop their fans from being obnoxious. Even though FedEx Field is in horrible condition, the fans still show up to cheer on their team. The Redskins used to be good, but that was more than 20 years ago. After Kirk Cousins tried to get the Redskins back to their winning ways, it was time to move on.

The fans witnessed a Joe Theisman-type injury to Alex Smith and things have not been the same ever since. Even with their logo being controversial, the team still looks to get back to winning. It’s good that they got rid of wearing pig noses during games because that would definitely cause controversy today. 

#6: Jets Fans 

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“J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!!”. Even though they are a New York team, they have New Jersey written all over them. A chip on the shoulder and a Jersey accent are what defines this fanbase. This is a team that lives in the past, claiming Joe Namath is the greatest quarterback to ever play.

There are those diehards waiting for the Jets to get back to the Super Bowl, and they were close in 2010. But they won’t ever get past the “butt fumble” jokes. Sanchez got stuffed into another player’s rear end like a turkey, and this kind of reminds us that your organization hasn’t been good for a really long time. Maybe Sam Darnold is the answer, but he should start seeing more open receivers and less ghosts. 

#5: Eagles Fans  

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Yes, they won their first Super Bowl in 2018, but their fanbase is still full of annoying fans. I’m not going to look at the time they booed Santa Claus and threw things at the Easter Bunny, but cheering when an opposing player got a career ending neck injury was too far.

Nick Foles’ miracle run was stunning and we never heard the end of it. What made this worse was that they beat New England, so this fanbase felt immortal.  I’ll give you credit for taking down Tom Brady to change the script up a little, and I’ll give you credit for your cheesesteaks. 

#4: Seahawks Fans  

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I’m just going to put it this way: where did this fanbase come from? The answer is simple: a Super Bowl run. Once the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in dominating fashion in 2014, it seems as if millions of bandwagon fans came out of nowhere to support this team. This team was also not very good until their 2014 run.

Their fans hopped on the “Russell Wilson” bandwagon and thought he would be able to give Seattle back to back titles…that was until the 1 yard line play. That joke will live on forever and will haunt every Seahawk fan. Are they the loudest fan base in the NFL? Just ask their fans and you’ll get the answer.

Seahawks fans believe they are the loudest fan base and create the “12th Man” atmosphere with their voices, when in reality it’s the design of the stadium. However, these fans are convinced that the Seahawks are still good and have some of that Super Bowl magic in them, when in reality that window has already closed. Super Bowl runs don’t make your team good forever, just ask the Dallas Cowboys. 

#3: Raiders Fans 

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Loud. Annoying. Rowdy. These three words are just the beginning. I can’t tell if the fanbase of the Raiders actually cares that their team isn’t good, because it seems as if they care more about fighting who’s sitting next to them. It’s best if you’re a division rival to not go to the game because getting assaulted by Raiders fans isn’t worth it.

Empty beer cans were everywhere in the coliseum, including the turf. There was always a chance that a Raider fan would be spending the night in the local jail for fighting. But yes, there is upside to the Raiders fan base because they will no longer be in Oakland anymore, but in the classy city of Las Vegas. Hopefully there will be new beginnings for the franchise to reset and for the fans to actually care about winning games and not about fighting. 

#2: Patriots Fans 

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Everyone hated watching Tom Brady and the Patriots win their 6 Super Bowls because their fan base was so obnoxious. Before Brady won those Super Bowls, New England was one of the worst teams in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Suddenly when the team began winning their championships, the fans began coming out of nowhere.

Certainly, there are those diehards who watched the team before they were the dynasty they are today, but a majority of their fanbase right now are bandwagons. The Patriots have been accused of cheating on multiple occasions and have been able to silence them with Super Bowl titles.

Deep down inside, their fans know they have gotten away with things and that everyone hates them for their 6 rings, but I don’t think they really care. It should be interesting to see where the bandwagons go once the team realizes they can’t win without Tom Brady (maybe Tampa Bay?). 

#1: Cowboys Fans 

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It was a debate to put the Cowboys or the Patriots first, but I had to put Dallas here. “THIS IS OUR YEAR” is all you hear from Cowboy fans. Proclaimed as “America’s Team”, these fans are still waiting for Dallas to get back to the Super Bowl and win it for the first time in 24 years. On top of that, they claimed that the hole in the roof of Texas Stadium was for God to look through and watch their games.

This alone is obnoxious, claiming God even loves your team. Everyone else loves hating on the Cowboys even more than the Patriots. Cowboys fans are some of the most arrogant and obnoxious fans, and their arrogance isn’t warranted either.

Even though they are hated on, Cowboy fans are treated to more primetime games than any other team and still put together disappointing seasons for their fans. Maybe this fanbase will realize their team is not as good as they think they are. Get with the times Cowboy fans, this isn’t the 90’s! 

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