QB Drama in Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation and has a Super Bowl to show for this. He has countless memorable moments from his multiple hail marys to his throw to Jared Cook to set up for a game-winning field goal. But over the past couple of seasons, the tension between Rodgers and the staff at Green Bay has risen. It started with Mike McCarthy and the offensive struggles, but after McCarthy was fired there were still offensive issues and Rodgers remained frustrated. In recent memory the only consistent target Rodgers has had has been Davante Adams. Instead of giving the already frustrated Rodgers another weapon the Packers went and drafted his successor, Jordan Love.
In the 2005 draft, the Packers used a late first-round pick to select Aaron Rodgers to be the successor to Brett Favre. Brett Favre at the time was 35 years old and coming off a 4000-yard, 30 touchdown season and led the Packers to a 10-6 record. This past season Aaron Rodgers saw a bit more success with a 13-3 record while having a touchdown-interception ratio of 13:2, and also threw 4000 yards like his predecessor. At this time Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old and has shown some decline along with some injuries. It seems as though the script as turned with Aaron Rodgers being the veteran who has a promising rookie nipping at his toes. It took Aaron Rodgers four years to get the starting job over Brett Favre, but with the tensions between Rodgers and management, we might be able to see a transition with Love a bit sooner. In Aaron Rodgers’s current contract there is a potential out in 2022 which would leave the Packers with $17 million in dead cap. But they might find it worthwhile it to end a sour relationship and to be able to move on to a new chapter.
At this point in time, Aaron Rodgers has not commented on the selection, and Packers GM, Brian Gutekunst has said he has not “connected” with Aaron Rodgers after the selection. In March Aaron Rodgers said, “No matter who you bring in, they’re not going to be able to beat me out anytime soon.” when asked about the Packers possibly drafting a QB. As of now, it seems as though Rodgers is not worried about the selection and his ready to be the starter at the beginning of the season. Even with that, this was still definitely a surprise to all of us especially Aaron Rodgers, and it will be interesting to see the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers in the coming months.