Ranking all 13 Major Sports Cities

There are 13 cities with at least one team from all four major sports leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Here’s how the collective teams of each city stack up against one another, based on recent history, the present, and the near future of each team.

13. Detroit

NBA: Pistons

NFL: Lions

MLB: Tigers

NHL: Red Wings

Detroit sports fans are not a happy bunch. The Red Wings and the Tigers are both last in their respective leagues, though the Tigers have a good farm system. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1992 and don’t figure to make the postseason again any time soon, and the Pistons simply are not a good team.

12. Chicago

NBA: Bulls

NFL: Bears

MLB: Cubs, White Sox

NHL: Blackhawks

Chicago teams aren’t all that bad, but they aren’t good. The Cubs are playoff contenders and have been for a few years now, having won the World Series in 2016. The White Sox have been terrible but are putting together a respectable team. The Blackhawks enjoyed much success in the form of three Stanley Cups early last decade, but are average once again. The Bears have all the pieces, but can’t seem to put it together; they’re hoping this year that Nick Foles can get it done for them. The Bulls, meanwhile, are stuck in rebuilding mode with a coach that doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

11. Phoenix

NBA: Suns

NFL: Cardinals

MLB: Diamondbacks

NHL: Coyotes

Most of these Phoenix teams are quite similar. The Suns, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks are young teams that have the slightest chance of sneaking into the playoffs, but are realistically a few years away from contending. The Coyotes have been bad the last few years, but are climbing back to mediocrity.

10. Miami

NBA: Heat

NFL: Dolphins

MLB: Marlins

NHL: Panthers

The Heat are title contenders right now and the Panthers are solid. However, the Dolphins and Marlins are not close to ending their rebuilding processes. The Dolphins can turn it around in the next couple of years, depending on Tua Tagovailoa’s development, but the Marlins are not close.

9. Washington DC.

NBA: Wizards

NFL: Redskins

MLB: Nationals

NHL: Capitals

The Capitals are one of the best teams in the league right now and have done well for years now. The Nationals have been a solid team and finally won the World Series last year. The Wizards, on the other hand, have been terrible since John Wall has been injured, while the Redskins are likely to finish last in the NFC East again.

8. San Francisco/Bay Area

NBA: Warriors

NFL: 49ers

MLB: Giants, Athletics

NHL: Sharks

The Warriors are fresh off being a dynasty, the 49ers were minutes away from winning the Super Bowl last year, and the Oakland A’s are a potential playoff team, but then there are the Giants and the Sharks. The Giants are one of the worst teams in the league and they don’t have a good farm system. The Sharks are in an even-worse spot, having mortgaged their future to go all out this year and ended up being a bottom three team in the league. The Warriors’ current league-worst record doesn’t bode well for their standing here either.

7. New York/New Jersey

NBA: Knicks, Nets

NFL: Giants, Jets

MLB: Yankees, Mets

NHL: Rangers, Islanders, Devils

The Yankees are the favorite to win the American League and the Nets had one of the best offseasons ever, as they signed Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Deandre Jordan to long-term deals. The Mets are projected to be fairly competitive this year. The Islanders, Rangers, and Devils, however, are the three worst teams in the Metropolitan Division (though they aren’t terrible compared to the rest of the league). The Giants’ and Jets’ respective rebuilds are taking longer than many fans anticipated, and the Knicks continue to disappoint.

6. Dallas

NBA: Mavericks

NFL: Cowboys

MLB: Rangers

NHL: Stars

The Mavericks have one of the best players in the league in Luka Doncic and a solid supporting cast that will keep them contending for years to come. The Cowboys are, in theory, a Super Bowl caliber team, but their recent history of underachieving might be destined to catch up with them again. The Stars are solid and can contend for a Stanley Cup this year, and the Rangers aren’t very good right now, but are a young, exciting team that can get back to the playoffs in a few short years.

5. Denver

NBA: Nuggets

NFL: Broncos

MLB: Rockies

NHL: Avalanche

The Nuggets are championship contenders right now and figure to be so for the next several years behind Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. The Broncos are young and have several players who could develop into stars in the next few years. The Rockies have the talent to win now, but they underachieve almost every single year. The Avalanche have been similar to the Rockies, but this is the season where they might go all the way.

4. Minneapolis

NBA: Timberwolves

NFL: Vikings

MLB: Twins

NHL: Wild

The Vikings have been Super Bowl contenders for years and this year is no different. The Twins have found their identity as a team that hits a ridiculous amount of home runs and are World Series contenders after adding solid pieces over the offseason. The Wild have been good but not great. The Timberwolves have the young pieces to be contenders soon, but we’ve been saying that for years.

3. Philadephia

NBA: 76ers

NFL: Eagles

MLB: Phillies

NHL: Flyers

The 76ers are championship contenders and will be for the foreseeable future, as long as they have Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The Eagles had one of the most memorable Super Bowl runs in recent history, and injuries seem to be the only thing stopping them from getting back there. The Phillies are ready to contend again after going all out in free agency and trades and now their young players are ready to contribute big time. The Flyers are having a great season, per usual, and have Stanley Cup aspirations this season. Solid teams all around in the city of brotherly love.

2. Los Angeles

NBA: Lakers, Clippers

NFL: Rams, Chargers

MLB: Dodgers, Angels

NHL: Kings, Ducks

The Lakers and Clippers are two of the top three teams in the league and both would be disappointed if they don’t win the championship this season and next. The Rams are somehow simultaneously playoff contenders and possibly the worst team in their division. One could say the same about the Chargers, who are betting on rookie Justin Herbert to be the future of the team.

The Dodgers have won the NL West seven years in a row and have the talent and farm system to do so for the next ten years. The Angels are beginning to realize that if they surround the best player in the league with talent, they might get back to the playoffs. The Kings and Ducks are both really bad right now, but they have had much success last decade and they have bright futures with loads of young talent and draft picks.

1. Boston

NBA: Celtics

NFL: Patriots

MLB: Red Sox

NHL: Bruins

The Celtics are championship contenders and have a very bright future with Jayson Tatum, Jalen Brown, and Kemba Walker. The Patriots were recently one of the best dynasties in sports history and even after losing Tom Brady, no one can count out Bill Belichick. The Red Sox are in an unfortunate cap space position now, but these concerns are outweighed by the fact that they won the World Series two years ago after being contenders for so long. The Bruins are the best team in the league and are favored to win another Stanley Cup to add to their all-time resumé.