Ranking new potential Washington Redskins’ names

With the looming name change for the Washington Redskins, there have been many ideas from fans and different sports outlets around the country. Some are good, some are interesting, and some are just incredibly awful, but there are many ideas.

With owner Dan Snyder stating there will be no Native American imagery, Braves or anything along those lines is out.

6. Presidents, Monuments, Generals, etc.

Last week, Odds Shark put out an absurd tweet listing the “best odds” for Washington’s new name, and these might be the worst names I’ve ever seen in my life. How intimidating is it coming into Dallas for a primetime game while being dubbed “the Washington Roosevelts”? No disrespect to the Roosevelt family, but it’s an awful sports team name. If you’re an individual who placed a bet on these names, in the words of DJ Khaled, “congratulations, you played yourself”.

5. Hogs/Pigskins/Redhogs

I understand the meaning and the respect that this is paying to the old Hogs (Joe Jacoby, Jeff Bostic, Russ Grimm, Mark May, and George Starke), but let that be its own thing. Remember just two years ago, when the offensive line was calling itself “Hogs 2.0”? How’d that work out? Also, do you want 80,000 fans snorting like a pig or something? That just sounds awful. Besides, there’s no scenario where a pig as the team’s mascot is not the best thing for opposing teams to poke fun at, and having a football team’s logo as a football? Hard pass for me.

4. Warriors

“Warriors” is an okay name, but it’s kind of unoriginal and boring. It was recently abandoned by owner Dan Snyder as early as this year, so I don’t think that option is viable. I think the franchise wants to keep the HTTR motto, and HTTW just sounds… off, to say the least. The conflicting name with the Golden State Warriors is also a no-go. This name is too close to anything Native-American-related too. For the fans who want the old spearhead helmets to come back, I can almost promise that this won’t happen.

3. Redtails

This one had some legs for a few days, but I do not think it’s really that good when you break it down. Yes, it pays tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, the African-American and Cuban-born pilots who fought in World War II as part of the US Air Force, but we need more substance than that. Every team name has to have some sort of nickname or cool abbreviation of the name. What are you going to call them? The Reds? The ‘Tails? The meaning behind it fits perfectly, but that’s a third of the battle.

2. Redhawks

The University of Miami (Ohio) changed its name from Redskins to Redhawks for the exact reason the Washington Redskins are changing their name: the insensitivity of the racist name. The name “Redhawks” is cool and could definitely have a good fanbase behind it, but there are already so many team names in American sports with some type bird as the team name, as there’s already five in the NFL alone (Eagles, Seahawks, Cardinals, Ravens, Falcons). Fit and originality need to be the main focus.

1. Redwolves

No name has gained more steam over the last 48 hours than the Redwolves and in a recent poll by ESPN’s John Keim, Redwolves has by far the most votes. During his live stream, Redskins DL Jonathan Allen said he’s for the name and the many directions the name can go.

“Get a sack and let out a big howl, that sh*t would be fire bro”

-Jonathan Allen

It’s original, you can name a part of the stadium the “Wolf Den”, almost like the “Judge’s Chambers” the New York Yankees had when OF Aaron Judge first reached the big leagues. There also is not a lot of wolf representation within sports (Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA), Arizona Coyotes (NHL), and the Minnesota Wild (NHL)). No team in the NFL can say this, so why not lead the pack and become the Redwolves? It’s by far the best name. The old name and logo were retired on Monday.