TSW Fantasy Football: Week Two Power Rankings

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Week 1 of the NFL is officially in the books and so is Week 1 of fantasy football. 14 teams shaped up The Sports Wave’s league this year to make teams deep with stars and some no names.Not too many surprises in week one, but individual performances left some jumping for joy and others with their jaws dropped. 

This will be a weekly post (coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday). These weekly posts will overview the final scores from the previous week along with Power Rankings. 

So, now it’s time to see which team member of The Sports Wave is on top and who is in the basement: 

*For the record- my team is the Long Valley Titans and I won’t put my team number one every week (even if I believe my team is)*


Week 1 Final Scores 

Team Saleem 127.0

Epstein Islanders 121.2


Hey Darnold! 111.62

Run CMC 126.44


Country Roads Take Mahomes 104.56

Bye Week 115.38


Washington Fantasy Team 175.08

CeeDeez Lambs 128.40


Daddy’s Always Happy 110.34

The Football Whisperer 89.02


Big Blue Bruisers 137.40

Team Sodhi 95.90


Long Valley Titans 126.08

Can You Digg It? 105.12


Week 1 Power Rankings 


#1 Washington Fantasy Team (1-0)

Russell Wilson joins Steve Young in exclusive quarterback club with performance vs. Falcons | Fox News

Well…this team popped off with over 175 fantasy points, but can they keep this up? Davante Adams put up 41.6 while Russell Wilson did Russell Wilson and scored just over 31 fantasy points. Josh Jacobs also had a nice day with 93 rushing yards and 4 receptions for over 35 fantasy points. If these guys keep producing these numbers, the Washington Fantasy Team might be on their way to smooth sailing to the championship matchup. Oh, did I mention James Conner was also in the lineup? Certainly keeping an eye on this team for the next couple of weeks because right now they look scary. 


#2 Big Blue Bruisers (1-0)

The Bruisers did what is in their name: they bruised up Team Sodhi. A 40 point spread was between the two teams with Lamar Jackson leading the way with 22.6 FTP. Derrick Henry scored under his projected 17.3 FTP, but still ran over 100 yards. But what made the difference was Calvin Ridley pulling in two touchdowns out of his nine receptions. The numbers will likely go down for the wide receiver who matchups with the Dallas secondary in week two, but it was a great start to the season. Big Blue has the Titans in week two who are not too far away from them in the power rankings. It should be a nail biter given both teams scored similarly in week one. 


#3 Bye Week (1-0) 

The Commissioner (regardless of what league they run) is always given a hard time because the other managers think they “rigged the league”…at least I get that kind of treatment. Is it my fault I landed Godwin, Kamara, Cook and Jackson last year? I blame the poor drafting of the other managers. But enough about my league (I opened up with a win) and let’s get back to business here. Bye Week has a sneaky name, but I think everyone in this league is smart enough to know that they actually don’t have a bye week when playing this team. Josh Allen led the way with the scoring as he threw for over 300 yards, but might need some more help moving forward to keep up with the other teams. Marlon Mack is injured (on this team) and Michael Thomas didn’t do anything against Tampa’s secondary. Kareem Hunt is on the bench so he might be a solid FLEX play. Anthony Miller could also have a decent season to produce good numbers. Solid roster all around, but the big names are going to have to score big weekly in a well-rounded league. 


#4 Daddy’s Always Happy (1-0) 

Watch: Every Daniel Jones-Darius Slayton connection

Daddy’s happy with this win! It was about a 20 point difference in their matchup vs The Football Whisperer even without a starting D/ST. Darius Slayton did work vs the Steelers hauling in 2 touchdowns for over 100 receiving yards. Is this kind of production going to keep up? I think it will. Slayton is a nice sleeper who finished the season strong last year fantasy wise. Plus, there looks to be solid chemistry between Danny Dimes and Slayton. Davante Parker went down and is questionable this week. Nobody on the bench really stands out to me, so it might be a “starter only” situation for this team. I still like the team overall and should be consistently putting up over 100 points a week. 


#5 Run CMC (1-0)

CMC did run for just under 100 yards (96yds) to help Run CMC get their opening week win. Shockingly, Robby Anderson hauled in 6 receptions for over 100 yards and a TD. Josh Kelley showed up for the bench but I’m a little skeptical about starting him for week two. He is someone to watch week to week rather than installing him permanently into your lineup. There are some other good players like Dak Prescott on this team so there should be consistent production throughout the year. 


#6 Long Valley Titans (1-0) 

The Titans took on Can You Digg It? and held on for their opening week win with a good showing from Dalvin Cook and Chris Carson leading the way in scoring (46.4 combined FTPS). Unfortunately, Nyheim Hines was on the bench with his 27.3 FTP. The team is going to have to make some adjustments moving forward because Tim Patrick isn’t really a solid starting WR on a weekly basis. Definitely a team that is going to be active on the waiver wire. 


#7 CeeDeez Lambs (0-1)

So why is a team with a losing record above a team with a winning record? Because I like this team too much. Sure they got the short end of the stick matched up with the Washington Fantasy Team who scored 172 this week to Lambs’ 128, but in any other matchup they would’ve won. Newton and Rodgers are on this team so there are two solid QB’s to go along with a flashy Raheem Mostert and a young Jonathan Taylor. The bench put up 80 points this week. Yeah, this team has some flashy players, but with flashy players comes the question of consistency. I still like them enough to do some damage this year. 


#8 Team Saleem (1-0) 

Aaron Jones: A look at Green Bay Packers running back's 2020 season

Just edged out a win over the Epstein Islanders thanks to Washington’s D/ST who scored 17 FTP. Aaron Jones and Todd Gurley are the feature backs who should be consistent all year along with DeAndre Hopkins who might have a monster fantasy performance this year. Michael Gallup looked like a sleeper this year but underperformed vs the Rams. Yes, it’s only week one so he has time to improve. But if he doesn’t, Team Saleem might be going to the waiver wire to find a suitable replacement for the Dallas wideout. 


#9 Hey Darnold! (0-1)

Even though Darnold is in the team name, he wasn’t their starting QB this week (how disrespectful). Instead, veteran QB Phillip Rivers was put in and didn’t do much better than Darnolds’ 11.2 FTP (Rivers scored 14.82). Le’veon Bell is injured so now Hey Darnold! is in the market for a new RB. Both DJ Moore and Tyler Boyd scored under their projected FTP totals, so more production is going to be needed from this roster to keep up with the high scoring teams. 


#10 Team Sodhi (0-1)

Team Sodhi was one of the two teams to not score over 100 FTP this week, which might have something to do with Carson Wentz being on the ground for the majority of the Philly-Washington game. On the bright side, CHE looks like a legit RB for both team and fantasy purposes. Jamison Crowder was on the bench this week for Team Sodhi but like Josh Kelley, I’m not so sure I’m rushing to keep in my lineup weekly. 


#11 Epstein Islanders (0-1)

Noah Fant’s efforts to keep the Islanders alive were just short as the Isles lost by 6 FTP this week. Austin Ekeler underperformed against Cincy’s defense and Kyler’s 91 rushing yards on 13 rushing attempts kept them in contention to take a week one victory. Not really much depth is on the bench for weekly swap outs, so the waiver wire or trades is going to be the best option to improve this team. 


#12 Country Road Take Mahomes (0-1) 

Everytime I see this team’s name I sing a little tune. Unfortunately, the team’s manager was singing the blues in their loss this week. It was also a matchup that went to the bitter end which hurts even more. But, on the bright side there is promise for this roster. Big Ben shook off the rust vs the Giants and should be good to go for the rest of the season as a solid fantasy starter. J.K. Dobbins looks to be a good RB and Tyreek Hill…well just let him run. ANd no, this team does NOT have Patrick Mahomes on their roster. 


#13 The Football Whisperer (0-1)

Robert Woods, Rams reportedly talking contract extension this week - Turf Show Times

The Football Whisperer might have to make more noise to wake up his players to get going. Deshaun Watson looks to be the face of the team right now with other supporting players who didn’t do much this week (Kristian Kirk scoring 1 FTP). It also didn’t help that Minnesota’s D/ST scored -9 FTP. Hopefully it’s going to be a bounce-back week for the Whisperer in week two to prove he actually knows a thing or two about football. But, I do like Julio Jones and Robert Woods as a WR pairing. 


#14 Can You Digg It? (0-1)

This is the team who stunned The Sports Wave’s team members with their first overall selection. Yes, they had the first overall pick of the draft and took (drumroll please)…Gardner Minshew. Can You Digg the Minshewmania? Not sure if Christian McCaffrey was on their draft board this year…We’ll keep them at the bottom for now, but I think they can rebound soon.